Join The Coca-Cola Company, Unilever, RB, KraftHeinz, Kellogg’s and others as they share their research experiences & insight journeys.

Hear how leading FMCG brands are using insight to deepen customer understanding, strengthen brand connection, optimise product positioning, improve product experience and drive behaviour change.

Hear how:

  • Unilever is exploring the potential of AI enabled technology platforms for delivering insights into great last mile content
  • Kellogg’s is overlaying consumer and commercial understanding to create a multi-dimensional segmentation
  • RB is harnessing ethnography, mobile diaries and quantitative segmentation to fuel a powerful behavioural change programme
  • The Coca Cola Company is using webnography, semiotics and trend analysis to deepen it’s understanding of an elusive customer segment
  • Mindshare is combining social media and search data analysis for online trend discovery and to reveal granular attitudinal insights




The Bloomsbury Hotel
16-22 Great Russell Street,London,WC1B 3NN

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09.00 Registration & coffee


09.30 Opening comments from the Chair

Phil Dorsett, Expert Solutions Director at Kantar Worldpanel


09.40 Food trends discovery

Join Mindshare for a fascinating exploration into using social media and search data to identify and explore food trends through a variety of analysis lenses. Examine how using a combination of linguistic and emotional analysis, AI image analysis  and location data delivers a nuance understanding of underlying attitudes and allows segmenting analysis regionally.

  • Examining the emotive vocabulary used to describe the food trends
  • Analysing Instagram imagery around different food topics and grouping visual themes
  • Using search landscaping to identify associated searches for specific brands and products
  • Harnessing Twitter and Instagram location data to understand popularity and rationality of attitudes

Catherine Cooke, Digital Insights Director, Mindshare UK


10.10 Highlighting behaviour change opportunities in the breakfast cereal market

Kellogg’s and The Leading Edge partnered to create a parent segmentation that illuminates key behaviour change opportunities for Kellogg’s kids breakfast brands to drive penetration growth. To deliver this, The Leading Edge devised a bespoke dual segmentation approach, overlaying consumer and commercial understanding to create a multi-dimensional segmentation to deliver what Kellogg’s wanted: a behavioral and occasion led segmentation. In this case study session hear about the project approach and why Kellogg’s wanted more than just an attitudinal segmentation for their business.

Helen Light, Senior Consultant, The Leading Edge

Claire Casson, Senior Insight and Planning Manager, Kellogg Company


10.40 Morning refreshments


11.00 The Last Mile - don’t be content

Last Mile Content is the hot new content marketing frontier. This is brand communication content seen by the consumer when she turns into a shopper- online or offline. In today’s omnichannel reality, we need to think well beyond just driving conversion. How can this content maximize trans-channel storytelling? How do you integrate it with social purpose? Can it build long term brand value? Or is it just about the ‘deal’?


Join Unilever and Brandscapes Worldwide Consultancy to examine insights principles behind great last mile content. Consider the multidisciplinary approach required and how to use AI enabled technology platforms.  

Jayanth Narasimha, Business Head, Brandscapes Worldwide

BV Pradeep, Global Vice President - CMI - Market Clusters, Unilever

Namita Mediratta, CMI Director, Global Content Excellence, Unilever


11.30 PANEL: Exploring connection in 2019

Building connection is fundamental to any brand’s success. At the end of 2018, Opinium spoke to 6,000 UK consumers and conducted 48,000 brand reviews to determine the Most Connected Brands in the UK. Join panellists as they discuss these findings and look beyond the individual brands to the Super categories of how FMCG performs vs categories such as technology, media and the much-maligned retail brands to discuss whether FMCG has slipped down the pecking order in consumer consciousness. If FMCG has indeed lost its crown, how can that connection be regained?

Chaired by: Steve Looney, Research Director, Opinium,



Joe Harper, UK & Ireland Social Lead, Kellogg’s

Colin Haddley, Insight, Capability & Marketing Services Director, KraftHeinz



12.10 Powering growth through augmented brand intelligence

Never has our connected world provided such a wealth of data to inform sales activation and brand-building. But there’s a problem. Most FMCG brands are struggling to unlock its value effectively. They are data rich, but insight poor. In this case study, Kantar Millward Brown will share how augmented brand intelligence is being used to identify actionable connections across these valuable data sources and ultimately driving effective decision making and profitable growth in a sector where others continue to fall behind.

Graham Page, UK MD Offer & Innovation, Kantar Millward Brown 

Simon Atherley, Senior Client Director, Offer & Innovation, Kantar Millward Brown


12:40 Address from Sponsor: GlobalWebIndex


12.50 Lunch


14.00 Empowering consumers to take their health into their own hands

In this Indian case study hear how RB empowered consumers to protect themselves from the dangers of air pollution. Explore how robust research, harnessing the power of ethnography, mobile diaries and quantitative segmentation, was used to fuel a powerful behavioural change strategy and to maximise product appeal amongst different groups. Examine how research fundamentally shifted the brand’s communication strategy to focus on a new hard-hitting, emotive campaign to educate people about the health effects of air pollution.

Victoria Edmonds, Director, Ipsos MORI

Oliver Sweet, Head of Ethnography, Ipsos MORI

Hamzah Sarwar, Global Consumer Insight Lead, RB


14.30 Beverages, Boomers & Beyond

Coca-Cola was keen to deepen its understanding of the 60-80s age group in terms of their thoughts and feelings towards beverages to ensure that their portfolio could better serve the needs of this demographic. Engage blended complementary research approaches to deliver a holistic and forward-thinking view of the market to enthuse and inspire the team. Hear how the project used exploratory webnography to deepen understanding of the lives, motivations, needs and behaviour of this group; semiotics to decipher category codes; trend analysis to further deepen understanding and inspire forward looking initiatives and an online occasion-based drivers & barriers study.

Deborah Sleep, Director, Engage Research

Véronique Chene, New Beverage & Innovation Senior CIM - Western Europe, The Coca-Cola Company


15.10 Afternoon refreshments


15.30 PANEL: From storytelling to story doing

With fake news prevailing, and mistrust in politicians and institutions at an all-time high, there’s an opportunity for brands to establish their support for and alignment with people’s values and demonstrate how they create value in the world. However, ‘brand purpose’ has become an organisational mantra that all too often is neither lived nor followed through … meaningless tumbleweed. FMCG brands now need to make a fundamental shift from storytelling to story-doing.

Chaired by: Gaby Bell, Europe CEO, Hall & Partners

FMCG & agency Panellist to be announced


16.00 Capturing emotional responses during product experience

Behavioural science tells us how a consumer feels about a product which is key to repeat usage. This presentation will examine a new, non-intrusive wearable technology from neuroscience which captures emotional metrics to optimise the development of new recipes and formulas. Explore how behavioural science principles and advances in neuro measurement applied in product research, adds value and depth to our understanding of product performance – ensuring that products live up to consumers’ expectations.

Grant Montague, Vice President, PRS IN VIVO


16.40 Closing remarks from the chair


16.50 Drinks reception sponsored by GlobalWebIndex

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