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From tech to TV, social to private, our media experiences with brands are increasing complex, rich and bespoke. This year’s Virtual Media & Advertising Summit will showcase the broad range of research being undertaken by brands, media owners and tech giants using a variety of research methods and measurement tools. Hear journeys of insight discovery and stories of powerful outcomes from media owners who have achieved success using a collection of insight methodologies, all hosted on BigMarker - a high performance virtual conference platform.

Spend an afternoon gaining new ideas from bite sized insight stories at the Media & Advertising virtual conference.  You’ll have the opportunity to hear 9 innovative case studies and enjoy 1 panel debate as well as putting your questions to our excellent line-up of speakers, all hosted as an online virtual conference.

Key contributions from:

Twitter, Discovery Inc, Channel 4, Conde Nast, itv, WarnerMedia, Radiocentre, IAB, Reach and many more…

  • Drive engagement with consumers about the big issues of the day: maximising the impact of purpose driven advertising
  • Realise new opportunities for brands in the increasingly popular audio market
  • Explore biometric technology for measuring reactions to advertising
  • Evaluate brand strategies for building cultural relevance and reconnecting with mainstream audiences
  • Examine the performance of tools for tracking real time media consumption and analysing audiences’ emotional responses to live unfolding events
  • Examine new storytelling techniques for delivering and maximising impact of insight
  • Discover insight methodologies that can better support brands to understand and connect with young audiences

13.30 Welcome from the Chair

Hannah Walley, Joint Head, Media & Digital UK Insights Division, Kantar


13.35 Purpose driven advertising
The world feels like it's grappling with particularly big issues right now: topics like coronavirus, climate, race, poverty, and immigration have all featured prominently in the headlines in recent months. While 80% of modern teens now feel like it's their responsibility to save the planet, what is the role of brands? How can brands engage with big, important issues like these? And should they even be operating in this space to begin with?

Channel 4 and Hook Research will share their recently updated insights into the effectiveness of purpose-driven advertising. This research will start a powerful conversation about the role of purpose driven ads in advertisers' toolkits and what impact they might have with target consumers in 2020.

Sam Harris, Insights & Engagement Director, Hook Research

Sophia Field, Research Manager, Channel 4


13.50 Panel: ‘Turning up the volume’

The early 2020’s could herald a new age of audio advertising. Podcasts are set to be one of the fastest growing channels for ad spend. Radio is also reinventing itself, tapping into the broader resurgence of audio as a marketing channel. This could be the make-or-break moment for newer audio channels.

Over the next 12 months, aligning brands with these audio moments will need to evolve to a new level for marketers where measurability and ROI are clearer. There are also considerations around audio content and quality.

Join panellist to discuss some of these critical issues.

Chaired by:

Hannah Walley, Joint Head, Media & Digital UK Insights Division, Kantar


Kamilah Kamara, Insight Manager, RadioCentre
Matt Deegan, Creative director – Radio and Podcasting
Leo Goldingham – Key Account Director, Acast AB


14.10 Excitable Edgar = Exciting Insight = New way of planning

The launch of the John Lewis & Waitrose Partners Christmas advert is arguably the most anticipated TV advertising event of the year.  So, when JL&W approached itv about doing something truly memorable in the build-up to Christmas this was a real challenge. itv created a campaign that tapped into the heritage of its brand and programmes and  Excitable Edgar gate-crashed promos throughout December. 

For JL&W the campaign success metric was excitability and this demanded a fresh approach to measurement. itv teamed up with Mindprober to use their unique biometric technology to record viewers emotional responses in their homes as they watched TV. Hear how this insight has led to better understanding of emotional engagement and also changed the way itv plans campaigns.
Glenn Gowen, Head of Audiences, Commercial, itv

Joe Timson, Commercial Director, MindProber

14.25 The aspiration window

Understanding and shaping people’s aspirations is the stock in trade of advertising. From keeping your whites white to saving the planet, advertising now seems to have something to say about every conceivable human goal. But our understanding of aspirations are determined by our subjective experiences, and this creates a profound creative and executional challenge for the industry. 
For the past three years, Reach Solutions and house51 have been using groundbreaking techniques from the world of cognitive and social psychology to reveal how people working in advertising and marketing unconsciously interpret and experience the world differently to mainstream audiences. So this begs the question - can we really understand mainstream aspirations? 
In the eagerly anticipated follow-up to the award winning 'The Empathy Delusion', The Aspiration Window will explore the aspiration gap between our industry and the mainstream. It will reveal why this gap inevitably leads to aspiration failure, and advertising that is too often wide of the mark. 

Andrew Tenzer, Director of Group Insight, Reach Plc 


14.40 Twitter: connecting with Olympic audiences

 In late 2019, Twitter was looking to ready itself for the world’s pinnacle sporting event – The 2020 Olympics – by establishing that it is the only place brands can truly connect with their audiences throughout The Games. By examining Olympic perceptions, exploring hour-by-hour media consumption across multiple time-zones, and understanding the emotional impact of potential Olympic scenarios, Sparkler predicted how, why and what Twitter’s audiences will be engaging with throughout the event. This research will help inform Twitter’s brand engagement strategy once activity restarts for the Olympics in 2021.

Rob Marshall, Senior Consultant, Sparkler
Dina Peck, Research Analyst, Twitter 


14.55 Comfort break

15.10 Storytelling and a choose-your-own-adventure debrief

Recently Sky’s qual research team trialled a new approach for delivering insights on the power of live sport for its in-house creative agency. Instead of asking respondents to generalise about the emotional impact of live sports, a guided visualisation was used to hear rich, detailed stories about occasions that meant something to respondents. Using a non-linear workshop debrief, 48 insight cards were created to explore, and sort into broader themes. A podcast shared some of the most interesting insight cards with people outside of the immediate sphere of the project.

This case study will share how this approach created a more active process where research and decision-making were merged. It will explore why clients brought into the findings more and how the findings are more readily accessible than usual research findings.

Phil Halliwell, Research Controller, Sky


15.25 Powering people’s passions

Powering People’s Passions is at the core of Discovery Inc.’s DNA. But, just how important are passions in people’s lives? Discovery and Tapestry Research embarked on one of the biggest studies ever undertaken in this area.

Passions are complex to research – they’re deeply personal and can be hard to articulate. Tapestry spent over 6 months speaking to people with a passion all over Europe, LATAM and the US, combining mobile ethnography, in-person depth interviews, an online survey amongst 15,000 consumers, and interviews with experts in this field.

This paper will reveal the findings from the study and provides a fascinating insight into what having a passion for something means, the role played by media in triggering and sustaining people’s passions, and the value of passionate people for advertisers.

Jemma Ralton, Director, Tapestry
Helen Croxson, Senior Director, EMEA Insights, Discovery Inc


15.40 Making wishlists

 WarnerMedia recently completed a major study examining the role of video in children’s lives. It explored how children use both TV and YouTube, their efficacy as advertising mediums, and their role in parents' path to purchase for toys and games.

Examine the innovative mixed methodology that was used which included an ad test using IRT with children. Hear how Warner Media has been able to empower advertising partners with new insights to increase the effectiveness of planning campaigns across YouTube and TV to successfully drive awareness, word of mouth and product consideration. Finally, understand the impact of ‘brand rub’ on positive brand associations.

Richard Barton, Managing Director, Red C Research

John Conlon, Senior Director – Data & Consumer Insights, WarnerMedia

Liz Bastian, Manager, Data and Consumer Insight, WarnerMedia


15.55 New masculinities: a semiotic exploration by Sign Salad and GQ

Conde Nast’s GQ, the leading fashion and lifestyle brand for men, is aware that perceptions of masculinity are evolving at a rapid pace and understood there was an opportunity to better reflect and communicate these changes in its content across all its touchpoints.

To assist with this, Sign Salad conducted an investigation into the coding of ‘masculinity’ across 7 key global markets, identifying key shifts in the discourse surrounding ‘Masculinity’, as well as the needs of men. The research provided GQ teams with guidelines on how to evolve representations moving forward, and become a leader in the conversation around this topic.

This presentation will examine the journey of insight discovery as well as the impact the insight has had across Conde Nast.

Emily Porter-Salmon, Associate Director, Sign Salad

Karys Kennedy, Strategy & Research Manager, Conde Nast

Paul Nesbitt, Head Of Audience Research, Conde Nast


16.10 An exploration into the expanding world of SVOD and the implications for media owners and advertiser brands

With more young people watching film and TV content on SVOD, commercial media space for younger age groups is decreasing. Differentology commenced a collaborative industry research project and a further deep dive which has helped the IAB unearth the wider cultural, societal, linguistic and commercial implications of this paradigm shift. This session will explore:

  • Consumers’ definition of what ‘TV’ is
  • The impact of new entrants (such as Disney +, Apple TV+ and BritBox) on the UK market
  • What will be the tipping point for the number of services people will sign up to?
  • What are the commercial opportunities for brands to be involved?
  • How can broadcasters and other media owners learn from the new agile digital entrants’ new ways to engage and retain valuable subscription-based revenues and audiences?

Dan Brilot, Head of Insight, Differentology

Steph Clarke, Research and Measurement Manager, IAB UK


16.25 Closing remarks from the Chair


16.35 End of conference

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