What is it that makes football fans so emotionally connected to the clubs they support? And how does that translate to the commercial success of those clubs? One large-scale study hears from fans of top-flight teams in four leading European football nations. Learn how its findings about ‘fan-centricity’ have crucial broader lessons for brands and marketers in all sectors.

What you’ll learn:

  • Highly engaging, new, and valuable insight about football fans as well as consumer-centricity
  • What fan-centricity means and to what degree that translates to commercial success
  • Why purpose, emotions and context really matter
  • How to improve customer communication and loyalty

What can brands learn from the emotional connection fans have to their football clubs? DVJ Insights and PureSpectrum have partnered to hear from fans of top-flight teams in four leading European football nations - England, The Netherlands, Germany and Spain - to understand more.

The large-scale study found out how fans view the football game, the connection of the club they support and more broadly what lessons that might provide for brands and marketers in all sectors.

Showcasing PureSpectrum’s quality and international reach and DVJ’s unique and innovative mass qual techniques, they heard first hand the 'voice of the fan' and found out what it takes to win as a football club and what that mean for all brands.

Key areas of focus include how fans feel they are treated by the sport and their clubs; what is done well; what is missing; and the fans’ emotional connection, passion or ‘pain points’.

Join this Professional Webinar to find out what is common and unique across countries and teams, which clubs are leading the way and why. We also learn what degree this translates to commercial success and what it might mean for future growth.

Speakers: Andy Drake, Managing Consultant UK, DVJ Insights; and George Head, UK Sales Director, PureSpectrum

Andy Drake is Managing Consultant UK, DVJ Insights, and has over 30 years’ experience in the insight industry. He has worked extensively in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America across client, operational and general management roles. Andy’s passion is making insight work with brands across the world. He believes the most valuable insight comes from truly and deeply listening to people and acting upon it.

George Head has been UK Sales Director of PureSpectrum for the past two-and-a-half years, having previously forged his career at Toluna and Kantar. He has worked with a vast range of agencies, media companies and end clients. With over 15 years spent at the front line of research, George’s knowledge and experience is hugely valuable to PureSpectrum and to his clients.

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