Learn to produce compelling podcasts, and tap into the power of podcasting to grow impact and engagement.

Course overview/description

Podcasting will be a $4 billion industry by 2024, and as it’s one of the most powerful and engaging forms of content marketing available today. Podcasts are seeing growth in every industry, with fantastic opportunities in market research, data, and insights. Thus, learning how to make a podcast is fast becoming an invaluable skill.

A podcast can help you connect with your audience in deeper ways, communicate your message effectively, and establish your thought leadership. And, with the opportunity to include interviews and discussions, learning how to produce podcasts can help build connections with consumers and collaborators.

In our podcast workshop, you'll learn how to create your own podcast from start to finish, using the latest tools and techniques for recording, editing, publishing, and analysing the success of your episodes.

From choosing your topic and style, to recording and editing your episodes, we'll cover all the essential skills and techniques you need to know to create a compelling, professional-grade podcast.

Learning outcomes/learning objectives

We'll cover:

  • Choosing your podcast topic and style
  • Identifying and reaching your target audience
  • Planning and scripting your podcast episodes (creating discussion guides and more)
  • Recording and editing your podcast using effective software and tools
  • Practicalities, costs, and logistics (and where to save yourself time, cost, and headache!)
  • Adding music and sound effects to your podcast (and intro and outro, etc)
  • Publishing and promoting your podcast on popular platforms


  • Delegates will learn elements of Descript and Adobe Express on the day to make their first podcast. The facilitators will not be teaching any other software programs.
  • Delegates will need to sign up for an Adobe account with their email address and download the free Desktop versions of Descript.


Who will benefit?

Whether you're an individual marketeer looking to up your content marketing game, or a team looking to share your expertise in interesting ways, this podcast workshop is for you.

Learning method

Participants will learn with a mix of tutorials and practical activities. There is plenty of ‘learning-by-doing’.

Course delivery mode


Additional Information

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