Learn about how and when statistical techniques can add value to projects

This course gives an overview of the most commonly used and recognised statistical techniques in market research, such as those underpinning Key Drivers (Regression) and Segmentation (Factor and Cluster Analysis and CHAID), so that delegates can understand how and when they can add value to projects.

We will show you how to work with ‘IBM SPSS Statistics’ – a popular and powerful tool for running and visualising research data. We’ll also provide a step-by-step guide for some simple example analyses, enabling you to get started in running these types of analyses yourselves without being restricted to spreadsheets or relying on statistical colleagues.

Learning outcomes:

  • The main multivariate techniques used in MR Analytics (eg Cluster, Factor, regression, CHAID) and an understanding of how they can add value to projects
  • How to start using SPSS for analyses and build a springboard from which to learn further
  • Confidence in using an alternative package like SPSS when more advanced analyses are needed, without being restricted to the front-end capabilities of spreadsheets

Who will benefit:
Numerate quantitative researchers who wish to draw additional insight from their data, as well as statisticians starting careers in market research who need to learn more about these key techniques used.


The Old Trading House, 15 Northburgh Street,London,EC1V 0JR

Andrew Zelin is Employee Listening Insights Lead at Philip Morris, with 25 years’ experience as a professional statistician, running analytical projects in Market Research, Central Government, Health and the Telecomms Sectors. This includes 14 years of leading Analytics teams at senior level at Ipsos. He has given training in a range of statistical and survey-related practices since 2001 within his organisations and more recently, the MRS and the Rod Laird Training Company. He is a Chartered Statistician who has presented at RSS and AAPOR conferences and published two award-winning methodology papers and is a Mentor for the MRS.

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