Research has been helping make sense of our human interactions, whether as consumers or citizens for nearly 100 years. The COVID epidemic has reinforced the value of what we do as a profession, whether from making sense of the ‘new normal’ or from providing data from infection trackers to help make public policy decisions.

Despite sometimes heated disagreements as to interpretation, nowadays not many people would disagree that #EvidenceMatters.

Research does so much, it uses so many different methodologies and is used by so many it is sometimes difficult to summarise concisely what it does and why it is important. However, it is vital that we do promote the importance of research in order to:

  • Persuade more young people from diverse background to join us in a growing and increasingly important sector
  • Challenge some of the preconceptions that can get in the way of good decision making
  • Helps debunk fake news by collectively challenging the poor use of data

This year we are launching a call to arms with the hashtag #StartMakingSense alongside our well-established #EvidenceMatters. We will be promoting the value of market and social research in 2022 to government, business and beyond to ensure that insight has its place at the top table.

Jane Frost CEO of MRS
'Research takes conflicting and complex information and makes sense of this for the world. We make sense of consumers so that decision makers in business and government can make informed choices. We need a raison d’etre for research which is why we are launching #StartMakingSense to increase the understanding of the value of research.'   
How you can help

Look out for the hashtag on LinkedIn and Twitter to help us promote #StartMakingSense.     
Because if #EvidenceMatters, we should be #MakingSense of our world.

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