MRS qualifications are recognised around the world as the leading qualifications for market and social research. MRS has joined forces with the ESOMAR Foundation to offer free access to MRS qualifications to young practitioners who are being sponsored to complete educational programmes in developing nations and emerging countries. Ayesh Jayawardana is the first beneficiary of this initiative.

Here's Ayesh's account of his progress so far:

Ayesh Photo

"I am Ayesh Jayawardana from Sri Lanka. I am an undergraduate at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura studying marketing management. Currently, I am a final year student hoping to graduate soon. At the same time, I am completing my training requirement in a well-known company in Sri Lanka.

Since I am studying Marketing Management, I hope to build my carrier based on marketing. Right now, I am into sales and marketing and I hope to enter the Digital Marketing field very soon. My current position is all about understanding customers, making changes as per customer requirements, and identifying future trends in the market. To understand customers, I do need to carry out research and surveys. For this, I must have a good understanding on research.

As far as entering the Digital Marketing field is concerned, I will have to perform research-based surveys there as well. I have already covered the research component from my university. So, I highly believe that this foundation course will help me to polish that knowledge and add more to my existing knowledge base.

I have just recently started the course and I have covered a few lessons. At the moment, I feel like this is a comprehensive course that helps to study research from the beginning. The flow of the course has been arranged nicely and is easily understandable by anyone having an interest in research. I hope to complete this course successfully and enhance my knowledge on the foundation of marketing research. This will for sure be a good base for my future studies."

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