A roundtable session on research design, data collection and the challenges of random probability research was held during Spring 2017.  

The session was initiated by the MRS, the Campaign for Social ScienceESRC, and the SRA.

Issues examined and discussed included: 

  • declining response rate trends for face to face surveys 
  • operational challenges of fieldwork including results from the MRS Interviewer Research with random probability interviewers 
  • exploring the relationship between participation rates, inference and bias in random probability research findings.

MRS is continuing to work with the Campaign for Social Science, ESRC and the SRA developing recommendations from the roundtable discussions including:

  • exploring alternative metrics to response rates 
  • looking at procurement approaches and management of response rate projects 
  • creating a centralised portal of research evidence and education materials for clients and stakeholders.

Read the summary of discussions (PDF)

See the presentation slides (PDF) 

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