Founded earlier this year, the Global Data Quality (GDQ) partnership is a coordinated effort to address ongoing and emerging risks to data quality in the market and social research, consumer insights, and analytics sector. 

Alongside MRS other participating organizations include: Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC), ESOMAR, Insights Association, SampleCon, The Research Society (Australia), and The Association of Market Research Austria (VMÖ).  

Progress continues across several work streams.  We are also delighted to welcome QRCA (Qualitative Research Consultants Association) to GDQ. QRCA will work with MRS on the qualitative research workstream.

To learn more about this initiative there are resources and guidance on the MRS page and the GDQ Website .

Webinars about the GDQ initiative are available for viewing on the GDQ Resources page. This includes a series of global sessions hosted in late August that outline the plans of the GDQ and answer live audience questions.

Coming soon will be some of the first outputs from the initiative including  a joint MRS and Insight Association glossary of data quality terms and definitions.  

Up next is Debrah Harding of MRS & Melanie Courtright of the Insights Association presenting at the MRS Data Driven Insights Conference, which is being held online on 19th October 2023 and includes a session on the GDQ initiative.

Visit the Global Data Quality website.

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