Vanella Jackson, Global CEO of Hall & Partners and the MRS Diversity, Inclusion & Equality Council member who leads on the CEO Pledge, introduces a report on the initiative’s progress.

Download the report here

The CEO Pledge was an initiative launched by MRS two years ago, involving some of our sector’s prominent CEO’s. The idea was to sign up to a series of commitments that are aimed at promoting and increasing diversity within our sector - and so that we more closely reflect all the people we represent.

Twenty five leaders signed up in the first phase and this report tells the story of what they have been able to achieve and how far they have come. It also highlights the specific actions they have taken, providing a useful list of ideas to steal and helpful advice.

We are now on a mission to increase the number of signatures to at least 100. The original Pledge has been revised slightly, in order to make it more accessible and easily actionable. Both CEO Pledges are contained within the report.

We would really like to have your business on board. If you would like someone to talk you through it please get in touch via Alternatively, if you are happy to sign up now just let us know. The only thing your business needs to do, other than fulfil the commitments in your own way, is give us some feedback on how your are doing in a year’s time.

Our sector, more so than others, needs to be truly representative if we are to represent the views of people to others, accurately and with integrity. If we work together, we have an opportunity to make a real difference and provide inspiration to others, in creating a fairer, more inclusive world.

Thank you for giving this your consideration. Myself, Jane Frost and Babita Earle are happy to answer any questions you have at any time. We can also make connections to the wider MRS Diversity, Inclusion & Equality Council to exchange ideas and discuss possible actions you are interested in pursuing.

We hope this is helpful and that you will feel encouraged, supported and inspired to add your signature to the industry’s CEO Pledge.

To join us on 18 February for an online panel discussion with some of the CEOs who have already signed the pledge, register here.

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