Colin Strong, Global Lead for Behavioural Science at Ipsos is the new Chair of the MRS Delphi Group. Strong takes over from Dr. Nick Baker, UK CEO of Savanta, who has held the post since the group’s inception in 2013.

MRS Delphi Group includes representatives from a diverse range of agencies and clients (see members below). The group’s mission is to support the development of the industry, and elevate how research is perceived and valued by its key stakeholders within client organisations. The Group produces reports, research and other forms of content that reflect a range of thinking around the critical issues for the sector. These have included privacy, unconscious bias, AI, and democratic engagement. You can see Delphi reports here.

CEO of MRS, Jane Frost, said: "It is the nature of the research sector that all the projects on which it works - from deodrants to democracy, seat belts to suicide prevention - generate a vast amount of insight and data that lands up 'on the cutting room floor'. As such, it never makes it into an end report. 

“Much of this is expertise is filed away in the minds of researchers and insight professionals that work on these projects, as well as in company vaults and databases. MRS Delphi Group uses all that knowledge, combining it with a diversity of thinking from across the industry, and applies it to relevant issues, producing reports, podcasts and other material to enrich wider understanding.

“Already a recognised luminary in understanding customer attitudes and behaviour, Colin is uniquely placed to lead the group into the next decade. On behalf of MRS and the sector, I would like to thank Nick Baker for his stewardship of this think tank that has produced an such influential body of work.”


Colin Strong said: “Delphi has an important role in helping to shape the questions that we ask of ourselves as an industry. Given we are at a time of huge change, this group is more important than ever in shaping conversations and influencing outcomes on a wide range of issues that are important to us. As such I am honoured to accept the chair role and look forward to building on the success to date.”

You can find out more about MRS Delphi Group here.

Members of the MRS Delphi Group:

Chair: Colin Strong, Ipsos
Jane Frost, MRS
Rhea Fox, Aviva
Nick Baker, Savanta
Zoe Ruffles, GSK
Gemma Proctor, Sparkler
Jake Steadman, Deliveroo
Phil Sutcliffe, Kantar
Tim Britton, Taylor & Francis Group
Robert Kitching, Unilever
Kevin Evans, Pepsico


MRS Delphi Group reports

MRS Delphi Group publishes reports on the most burning issues for the research sector - privacy, insight effectiveness, data integration, prediction, polling and more.

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