MRS has for the second year running teamed up with the Festival of Marketing (10-11 October) to produce a series of specially curated sessions in the main agenda - from AI and prejudice, to marginalised voices and breaking out of the London bubble.

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MRS-curated sessions are as follows:

Hear my voice: Enabling the most marginalised people to be heard
11 October, 10:00 - 10:35


From influencers to urbanites, brands desperately want to be associated with hip, educated and solvent 20- to 35-year-olds. But what about the more marginalised sections of society? What techniques have market research professionals developed to identify hard-to-reach groups, and talk to them on their terms?

Chair: Katie McQuater, deputy editor, Impact magazine and Research Live, MRS

Clare Webb, Director of Relationships, TEGA - Girl Effect
Faisel Rahman, CEO and founder of Fair Finance
Sophie Castell, director of relationships, RNIB

PANEL: Breaking out of the London bubble: Why everyone loses when we assume the London view is the national view
11 October, 11:55 - 12:30


Why are the capital’s political, media and business elite under pressure to develop a greater understanding of those living outside the confines of the M25? How does an organisation develop regional, non-urban insight into all areas of society? What are the risks to your brand if you do not consider a regional – as well as a national - perspective?

Chair: Jane Bainbridge, Head of Editorial, Impact magazine and Research Live, MRS

Andrew Tenzer, Director of Group Insight, Reach PLC
Liz Lamb, Senior Director, Data & Insight, Asda
Catherine Hunt, Head of Insight and Evaluation, Prime Minister's Office and Cabinet Office

PANEL: Is artificial intelligence the answer to a prejudice-free future?
11 October, 13:30 - 14:05


Can algorithms and machine learning eliminate bias and help us imperfect humans make better decisions? Or are we at a greater risk of baking systemic bias into all our processes, from credit ratings to policing and justice? The credibility of research and data analytics depends on providing a fair and balanced view – how does AI fit in?

Chair: Jane Bainbridge, Head of Editorial, Impact magazine and Research Live, MRS

Claire Rainey, Head of Insight, O2
Aji Ghose, Head of Research Analytics, Sky
Alex Alder, Customer Insights Director, Barclays UK

Read a blog by Deputy Editor  Katie McQuater on why you need to attend these sessions.

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