We at YouGov are tremendously excited to be supporting a sector-wide network for LGBTQ+ professionals that is set to provide a platform, elevate leaders and unite a community. As a continuously growing global public opinion and data company, YouGov is committed to diversity and inclusivity through both our research and the working environment we have nurtured as a team. 

YouGov’s commitment to both inclusivity at work and in research is illustrated by our long-standing work with organisations like Stonewall, curating research for high-profile reports such as the LGBT in Britain reports which included in-depth analysis on LGBT in work, hate crime and the Trans Report. 

Last year, YouGov launched BeYou, the first LGBTQ+ network for all defining YouGovers and their allies. This year we furthered this pledge in turning BeYou into an intersectional network, encompassing all diversity groups and creating a space where all YouGovers are heard and shape the future of our organisation.

My background is in politics and the higher education sector and I was the first out female president of my students’ union. After graduation, I sought roles in organisations that welcomed diverse experiences and backgrounds and so found my home at YouGov.

YouGov’s commitment to diversity and inclusion runs through our 38 offices worldwide. As Stonewall diversity champions in the UK, we are regularly assessed and exceed expectations. Our dedicated global talent team work tirelessly to create opportunities that are open for all and a recruitment process that is accessible and tells applicants that they are welcome here. In our offices across the world, staff wear our Pride coloured lanyards with pride and have fostered an environment where people can be themselves, even if they aren’t able to when they leave the office.

I am immensely proud to work for an organisation that conducts research that is inclusive and creates the space to recruit talent that is as diverse as our panel. Along with our long-standing research commissioned by Stonewall, YouGov has consulted for a range of charities and not for profit organisations on the best ways to conduct inclusive research. Most notably, this has been in relation to campaigns to target those at risk of cancers based on birth gender-identity that has required sensitivity and careful planning to produce the most accurate and representative data in those areas.

But our work doesn’t end in the charity sector. Last year our research on how the social conscience of brands affects consumer perception made the news. We found that three quarters of LGBTQ+ people want more support from companies and that representation at Pride events was not enough. Aided by our work with Stonewall, we regularly present data on LGBTQ+ consumers to clients. This data is invaluable as we believe all sections of society should be understood through every facet of their life - not just the political headlines.

YouGov is incredibly proud to be supporting #MRSpride. Being able to be yourself at work without fear of judgement can change LGBTQ+ people’s lives and provides immeasurable benefits to the companies they work for. The launch will be a wonderful event and is hopefully just the beginning of great things to come.

Over 150 people signed up for the #MRSpride launch event on 30 May within 24 hours of its announcement. It is now fully booked, but you can request to be added to the waiting list by emailing networking@mrs.org.uk and register your interest in hearing about future activities first here.  


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