Initiated and sponsored by Truth, this DI&E Changemaker list seeks to recognise individuals in the research, insight and data analytics sector who are making specific contributions to meaningful diversity, inclusion and equality initiatives – either within their own organisations or as part of work they do in their wider communities.

Nominations were open to all and the judges looked for people who have initiated and led action to remove barriers, support change and create environments in which others – whether employees or research participants – feel a sense of belonging and safety.

Of the nine exceptional nominees, a single winner will be announced for the DI&E Changemaker Award at the MRS Excellence Awards lunch on 10 June. The award reflects the MRS DI&E Council and Truth’s commitment to relentlessly drive forward and embed positive change across the sector, making diversity, inclusion and equality an integral measure of success for ourselves and our clients.


The judges

Michael Brown MMRS, UM & Co-Chair of MRSpride

Ella Fryer-Smith, Independent Research Consultant

Sania Haq MMRS, AudienceNet & Intercultural Specialist

Sinead Jefferies CMRS, Vela & Chair of MRS

Mark Thorpe FMRS, Truth


The nominees

Daniela Aguilera

Principal Consultant, Research Ops Practice Lead at Sparkler

Nominated for: Challenging stereotypes, pushing for EDI in their everyday work and educating and inspiring others.

Daniela says: “Challenging the recruitment spec has allowed me to challenge the system. It sets the foundation for whose voices will be heard by the influential and powerful brands we advise. I’ve witnessed so many assumptions made that the more vulnerable communities of society are free game for research scrutiny, desperate for our money, and thus de-humanised. That conversation has evolved, but with this long-awaited changing tide of greater awareness, I work to ensure it’s done with integrity, and IS inclusion, equity, and representation, not exploitation. It’s bittersweet to be having these conversations, to be celebrated for speaking up and making a difference, when you used to be told not to make people uncomfortable.”

The judges said: “Daniela takes pride in challenging established ways of working and is determined to make a difference. Inclusion is clearly front of their mind and they have driven a lot of tangible change as part of their day-to-day role. Their thought leadership in this space has the real potential to accelerate change in the wider sector.”

Rebecca Cole

Managing Director at Cobalt Sky

Nominated for: Being the driving force behind the Representation in Research group.

Rebecca says: “I believe that we can make significant improvements to the research that is being undertaken in the UK and beyond by highlighting wherever possible the importance not only of having representative participant pools, but also inclusive research design in general. Our work is only just beginning and there is a long way to go, but working under the mantra of ‘progress over perfection’ I’m extremely encouraged by what has been achieved already and believe that we will look back at this period as a changing point in how Nat Rep research is defined and undertaken, something that will be of great benefit to all research practitioners going forwards.”

The judges said: “Rebecca’s Representation in Research work-stream is a big responsibility and requires a lot of energy, but she has exactly the commitment needed to make progress happen. The opportunity to shape the sector at this critical point through this initiative is huge and Rebecca is delivering.”

Toim Holliss
Tom Holliss

Chief People Officer at Zappi

Nominated for: Bravely setting an ambitious inclusion agenda in his business and making it one of the key topics for leadership

Tom says: “The vision I have is for Zappi to be one of the most diverse and inclusive organisations on the planet: truly accessible, with everyone feeling a deep sense of belonging. It’s really easy for this work to slip as wider business pressures come in, so I look to hold us publicly accountable through initiatives like leading on our B Corp accreditation, working towards Disability Confident level 2, and leading a wider programme of improvement around EDI with our partners at the Anti-Racist Social Club. This commits our whole company and leadership structure, including the Board, to continued positive actions around our social impact."

The judges said: “Tom’s story is truly impressive, especially because of how strategic and broad it is. The B Corp accreditation is a great example for our sector to follow and Tom is clearly a leader who is prioritising EDI. It goes far beyond lip-service, focusing on actual structural changes and measuring progress to drive change.”

Annabelle Jones -2-
Annabelle Jones

Brand Scientist at Brand Science Research

Nominated for: Single-handedly implemented organisational diversity, inclusion and equality change within her company.

Annabelle says: “Since starting my career I have aimed to spotlight EDI as an essential business objective. My first tangible action was going directly to senior leadership to present my case for inclusion of pronouns in our email signatures. I was able to implement my plan, leading training globally to ensure our team could understand the importance of this initiative. To maintain momentum, I co-founded the global ‘Inclusion & Belonging’ group, which has created a ‘moment of inclusion’ at every global meeting to raise awareness of different cultures and topics and ran an anonymous survey to understand current internal perceptions of EDI. I wish to make both Branding Science and the wider research sector more diverse, inclusive and equitable so that it is not just me and a small group of individuals needing to put ourselves forward. These initiatives must be sustained with greater buy-in, enthusiasm and dedication over time.”

The judges said: “Annabelle’s impact since starting her current employer in research in 2019 is the perfect example of the role a motivated change-maker can have on a business in a short amount of time. Her proactivity in driving practical and important internal initiatives is commendable and she is a real credit to the sector.”


Sue Klinck
Sue Klinck

Global Head of People and Culture at Hall & Partners

Nominated for: Creating a EDI manifesto and leading the initiative across the company.

Sue says: “In 2020 I headed up a cross-office global committee across all levels and backgrounds to co-create our manifesto for change, Positive Difference. Since then I have worked closely with the business to make meaningful progress, including learning sessions for all employees, a EDI module/resources on our internal comms platform, and an internal EDI survey to identify the progress we are making. We have implemented hiring practices within Hall & Partners that proactively attract people who enrich the diversity of our teams, updated our internal EDI policy - which includes our inclusive practices and principles - and created a clear procedure for people to report discriminatory behaviour. Our goal is to proactively increase the diversity of all our teams, develop and promote diverse talent, and create a truly inclusive culture. This is as well as championing true representation, ensuring the work and research we do accurately represents all the communities we serve.”

The judges said: “Sue has been proactive and successful in implementing a number of internal, company-wide EDI initiatives that the wider sector should recognise and learn from. Promoting inclusion within our own organisations is vital for improving inclusiveness of research.”


Sabrina Trinquetel
Sabrina Trinquetel

UK Sales Director at Measure Protocol

Nominated for: raising awareness of the intersectional agenda and impactful contributions to MRSpride and CORe.

Sabrina says: “EDI is very close to my heart. I feel strongly that we as a sector should create spaces and organisations that foster a sense of belonging, allowing people to do their best work. We have some difficult questions to answer in the future - climate change, pandemics, economic fluctuation - so we need the most diverse, confident, supported people working to provide unique insights to brands and governments across the world. It’s my belief that people should come into work and feel happy. Not to say each day is easy, but they have the strength, tools and support to get on with their job, and that they aren’t distracted, held back or unhappy because of the way they are treated or made to feel. That’s where my drive to help people and businesses comes from.”

The judges said: “Sabrina leads by example, is unafraid to be bold or vulnerable and is really helping to drive change. Her work on wide-reaching communications and sector engagement tackles difficult issues head on and show how truly committed she is to inclusion. It’s great to see such drive and enthusiasm.”


Ryan Uhl -2-
Ryan Uhl

Chief Brand Strategy Officer at Mail Metro Media

Nominated for: Passionately championing EDI initiatives that have delivered meaningful business impact.

Ryan says: “I’m very humbled and delighted to have been nominated for this Diversity, Inclusion & Equality Changemaker List. I feel like I am at the beginning of my journey in this work but the strategy we are laying down at Mail Metro Media now to understand communities, will pay dividends for our future work and insights. I constantly question myself and the bias we hold, but every day we are making progress which is all we can hope for! Being nominated for this award shows me we are on the right path.”

The judges said: “Ryan has put a lot of effort into fostering inclusion initiatives that have made a demonstrable and positive change inside his organisation. His strong work on external partnerships is also making insight and data more accessible, encouraging understanding through research on identity and representation.”


Clare Woodward -2-
Clare Woodward

Enterprise Insight Manager at BT

Nominated for: The world-first creation of guidelines for insight professionals to ensure they are conducting inclusive research.

Clare says: “This project originated from a desire to drive real, meaningful, positive change within our sector. Research and EDI are two things I’m passionate about, so I was keen to lead it. We believe these guidelines are the first of their kind and the feedback we’ve had so far has been incredibly positive – highlighting both the quality of the documents and the desire for them to exist – however this is just a first step, and I will look to develop and improve them as we better understand how they are being used. Every person should have the chance to participate in research that enables full, comfortable inclusion, including the ability to declare/refer to themselves in a way that aligns with how they see themselves. No one should ever be negatively impacted by the way we sample, or by the language or methods we use within our research.”

The judges said: “Clare is helping to drive systemic change by harnessing the influence that commissioning clients have. The power of this cannot be overestimated - if clients are changing the agenda, then the agenda changes! The guidelines that Clare has led on are hugely beneficial and far from an easy undertaking.”


Catherine Yuile -2-
Catherine Yuile

Associate Vice President, Research, Insights & NPS at Manulife

Nominated for: Championing diversity, equity and inclusion within the Canadian insights and business communities.

Catherine says: “Throughout my career, and particularly over the past decade, I have worked hard as a EDI ally in the data and insights community, helping organisations and teams adopt EDI initiatives and standards across recruiting, career advancement, community and collaboration, and project work. I enjoy mentoring, participating on boards and panels, and promoting events to support women in data and analytics, and I am encouraged by the EDI work that many in our industry are undertaking. Yet, I know that meaningful impact requires a more sustained and measured effort from leaders and organizations to help create lasting change for diverse talent in our industry today, as well as for future generations. And this is what inspires me to keep going!”

The judges said: “Catherine’s passion for driving forward equality for her colleagues in the organisations she works and volunteers for is admirable. Her published work on inclusive research also has broader implications for research participants in general and for the future of the Canadian insight community.”

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