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Hear how data analytics is helping insight budgets go further, enabling organisations to be more agile in their response to swiftly changing circumstances and providing a more granular understanding of customers’ needs.

AI | Data | Analytics will bring together the three strands of data science that continue to transform the insight industry.

Find out how HSBC, Jaguar Land Rover, Google, GSK, Nest Corporation, National Trust, The Wisdom Council, Planted and others are using data and technology to take their insight to the next level.

Explore how:

  • Unifying data and market research functions has aided organisations in swifter and improved decision making during the pandemic
  • Blending datasets and applying advanced analytics is delivering new and enhanced levels of granularity to insight
  • AI automation is transforming brand tracking by delivering high quality, cost efficient insights at scale
  • Advanced modelling is overcoming privacy challenges in marketing measurement
  • Agile data-driven insight is empowering organisations to respond rapidly to changing consumer requirements
  • AI assistants are being received by consumer and determine their future potential in FMCG
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10.00 Welcome from the Chair

Aji Ghose, VP of Data & Research, Chattermill


10.10 Marketing measurement in a privacy first world 

Growing user concerns about privacy and increased privacy regulations have set in motion a series of changes that will reshape the digital advertising ecosystem for years to come. 

Successful online measurement has historically been heavily reliant on cookies. However, due to cookie restrictions in browsers, blind spots from cross-device shopping as well as privacy regulations, there are increasing scenarios where it’s no longer possible to observe whether a conversion has taken place.  

Marketing Measurement has changed.

This session will explore the power of conversion modelling and how it can be employed as a tool to bridge the measurement gap between devices and across the online-to-offline divide. It will also examine how the new Google Analytics uses machine learning to provide better understanding of customer needs, as well how it addresses some of the most pressing questions on data and privacy.  

Katrin Werres, Head of Measurement & Analytics, Google  

Nitin Gulati, Measurement & Attribution Lead, Google 


10.35 Panel - Covid-19 and the gift of harmonious insights: how the pandemic forced a singular view of data and market research functions

The insight industry has always recognised the benefits of bringing together the disciplines of market research and data analytics. Some brands have nailed it, and others have struggled to achieve that coveted synergy. In an unprecedented shift, it was a global pandemic that forced many brands to unify their functions to survive.

Join panellists as they discuss how data and insight functions have adapted to lead businesses through the height of the pandemic and what the role of agencies has been in supporting brands with new solutions.

Chair: Jane Rudling, MRS Fellow and Managing Director, Walnut Unlimited


Christina Finlay, Director, Data and Analytics, Nest Corporation

Jen McCormick, Head of Customer Analytics and Insight, Warner Leisure

Dr. Stephen Welch, Managing Director, Realise Unlimited


11.05 Break


11.35 Creating our ‘cyborg’

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is constantly exploring new ways to gather customer insight. Combined with a tightening of belts in recent years this has meant an ever-increasing need to assess the value for money of insight spend. Consequently, JLR wanted to explore the viability of reducing the high cost associated with its emotional brand tracking inputs. So, four years ago, MM Eye began a journey to create a more efficient solution – could an AI solution take on the heavy lifting done by human coders - could it be done, could the level of detail needed be retained and could the existing high precision & quality be matched?  

The journey started by reviewing off the shelf products & ended with development of a new, bespoke & transferable ‘Cyborg’ system (a human-machine pairing). JLR’s emotional inputs have never looked so good!  

Claire Catmull, Head of Continuous Research, MM Eye

Iulia Calin, Brand & Communication Lead, Global Customer Insights, Jaguar Land Rover


12.00 Combining disparate data to deliver new levels of consumer understanding and engagement

The average pension of a women is 1/5th the size of a man’s. STRAT7 and The Wisdom council have been working together with an industry wide project team to create a viable solution for financial companies to be able to identify, engage and encourage women to take greater responsibility for their financial stability.

This approach demonstrates the steps of how a community panel together with advanced analytics was used to establish and deliver an effective engagement strategy. Hear how blending multiple datasets created additional data insights that enhanced understanding around original outputs from traditional research techniques. Currently, social campaigns are ongoing to stress test the engagement strategy.

Michael Fisher, Customer Analytics Director, STRAT7 Bonamy Finch


12.25 Lunch


13.10 Jeff Haselum, Global Client Partner, InSites Consulting

In conversation with

Litthya Burgin, Shopper & Category Insights, GSK

Let’s forget 2020 for a moment and go back to 2019, when GSK started to explore the role of an AI Self Care Coach that you can interact with in a retail healthcare environment. This story tells of the multi-faceted research approach that was created to understand, consumer reactions to the AI virtual assistant, situations that would best fit the assistance, and the impact of such technologies on the future strategy of GSK.

Hear how this innovative journey based on multiple methodologies unfolded and what was learnt on the journey.


13.40 Panel: data science, behavioural science and social science – are they the holy trinity of modern-day insight?

This panel brings together experts from data science, social science and behavioural science, to investigate how human, behavioural and machine learning driven insight can work together to create more positive outcomes. Join panellists discussing why the three sciences should work together and how they can do so in ways such as:

  • Using data science to make qualitative research more engaging
  • Reducing human biases in algorithmic programming
  • Utilising data science to test social and behavioural science-based hypothesis
  • How to use qualitative research to bring data and behavioural science to life

Chair: Matthew Sell, Chief Operating Officer, Northstar


Samantha Bond, Associate Director, Kantar Public

Noah Roychowdhury, Global Head of Customer Intelligence, Colt Technology Services

Richard Chataway, Chief Executive Officer, BVA Nudge Unit UK


14.10 Software-like food development driven by text analytics

As a fast-growing startup, Planted - a plant-based meat alternatives producer - has put a lot of emphasis on listening to their customers from the outset. The company has also embraced automation and software design principles as central tenets of its development strategy.

This session will demonstrate the extent to which the company’s development roadmap has been steered by advanced analytics from user feedback.

Maurice Gonzenbach, Co-Founder, Caplena

Judith Wemmer, Lead Product Development & Process Innovation, Planted


14.35 Closing comments from the Chair


14.40 End of conference

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