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Automotive Research

Automotive Research

23 June 2016

In a nutshell


This event has taken place.

Following the success of last year's Automotive Research conference we're delighted to announce the second annual Automotive Research conference which will be taking place on 23 June 2016.

Once again, we'll be exploring the critical issues shaping the automotive industry and explore how market research can deliver clarity and direction for automotive manufacturers adapting to new paradigms and looking to improve how they connect and engage with customers and partners.

This year's event will include quick fire Q&A, panel debates, group discussions, thought pieces and case studies on a broad range of issues affecting the automotive industry including:

· Examining Trends In Urban Mobility, Vehicle Development And Purchasing Habits To Gain A Holistic Overview Of The Automotive Landscape

· Examining How Market Research Is Helping Automotive Manufacturers Navigate The Road Towards Future Vehicle Design

· Gaining Deep Insights Into What Consumers Want From Connected Cars

· Using Research To Drive Acceptance And Take Up Of Electric Vehicles

· Unpicking The Car Purchasing Journey And Identifying Key Moments, Key Influences And Key Imagery That Resonates With Buyers

· Driving Loyalty In The B2B Automotive Market


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Where is the event taking place?

Radisson Blu Edwardian

9-13 Bloomsbury Street

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    09.00 Registration & coffee

    09.30 Extended opening comments from the Chair
    Anil Valsan, Global Automotive & Transportation Lead Analyst | Consumer & Mobility Cluster Knowledge Leader | Global Markets – EY Knowledge

    09.50 Disruptive Technology; Disruptive Research
    The pace of change in alternative powertrain technology is accelerating while consumer adoption seems to be stumbling into 2nd gear. While the technology is complex, so too are the range of emotions, motivations and considerations that consumers try to reconcile when viewing the prospect of change.

    • Highlighting the challenges of the change dynamics that face both manufacturers and car buyers
    • Understanding how to avoid customers crashing into objection “obstacles” and steering manufacturers around brand “potholes.”
    • Assessing the benefits of engaging with specialised, disruptive participants, such as Early Adopters, to provide original insights and help clarify and understand the claims and objections of the majority
    • What information genuinely enlightens the product development community when researching unfamiliar products with potentially sceptical consumers?

    Mick Nagle, Managing Director, Morpace International
    Ana Ramirez Aguirrezabala, Consumer Insight Senior Manager, Global Consumer Insight, Jaguar Land Rover

    10.20 PANEL: Understanding And Influencing The Car Purchasing Journey

    • Assessing the role that different media play in the car purchasing journey and how consumers are making their car buying decisions:
      • print
      • digital
      • broadcast
    • Gaining insight into consumers’ motivations and fears
    • Examining different influences during the purchasing journey eg emotional connections, brand images and trust vs vehicle efficacy

    Stuart Bluck, Head of Research and Insight, AutoTrader
    Sandy McDougall, Insight Controller - Sponsorship & Creative Solutions, Sky, Insight & Decision Science
    Lizzy Moroney, Qualitative Research Director, Firefish
    Jess Jones, Insight Manager, News UK

    11.00 Morning refreshments

    11.20 PANEL: Back To The Future: Where Will The Automotive Industry Be In 2025?

    Back to the Future imagined 2015 as the year of the flying car. While we’re yet to see these vehicles on our streets, innovation within the automotive industry and mobility space is advancing apace. The past 12 months alone have seen the arrival of in-car delivery systems, key-less vehicles and huge investment in driverless cars. But how much of this is early stage hype? And which technology will really make its mark on the industry over the next decade?

    This session will explore the key disruptive trends influencing not only the automotive space, but mobility and transportation more widely, touching on changing patterns of car ownership, mobility trends, emerging new business models as well as connected and driverless cars.

    Join a panel of esteemed automotive experts to hear where they think the industry is heading and what we can expect to see on the road and in our cars by the year 2025.

    Bianca Abulafia, Head of Automotive Research, FreshMinds
    Dr. Orlando Woods, Account Director, FreshMinds
    Dan Freedman, Director of Motor Development, Direct Line Group
    Andreas Strasser, Head of Research and Automotive Strategy, Volvo

    12.00 Mobilising your Social Media Journey

    • Examining the scale of mobile use in researching for a new car
    • What does this mean for marketers in this area?
    • Understanding the mobile researcher and helping car brands use all of social media's tools to their benefit:
      • maximizing awareness for launches
      • automated lead generation data capture
      • measuring footfall in dealerships
    • Evaluating new marketing techniques that leverage location data and Facebook user profiling information

    Richard Bussy,UK & Ireland Head of Measurement, Facebook

    12.30 Exploring The Electric Vehicle Experience

    · Examining perceptions of electric vehicles in the B2B and B2C markets

    · Identifying infrastructural and behavioural barriers to adoption

    · Unpicking the user experience: dream vs reality of living with electric vehicles

    · Using research to close the gap and drive adoption

    Africa Munyama, Research Director, 2CV
    Rhona Munck, Senior Strategy & Planning Manager – Walking & Environment, tfl
    Reshma McGill, Research & Insight Manager, tfl

    The MM-Eye EV Challenge: The Dream vs. Reality

    Having done various research projects into this rapidly evolving sector of the automotive market, we felt it was time to put our money where our mouth is and experience the reality of EV ownership for ourselves. Our own MM-Eye’er, well known lover of driving in and out of London in their much used and loved internal combustion powered car, took on the challenge, replacing ICE for EV for two weeks. We will bring the results of this trial to life using excerpts from a blog, in car video, photographs and text forms. We will record and report the highs and the lows and contextualise within our consumer research knowledge and in the end, ask the ultimate question: Would you swap a best- selling small car in the UK for a well-known, popular EV?

    Alison Phillips, Client Services Director, MM-eye
    Sherine Arafa, Associate Research Director, MM-eye

    13.10 Lunch

    14.10 Connected Cars: Understanding Drivers In A Connected World

    “I was amazed that my car could do all that,” marvelled the owner of a connected car when asked about their experience of the connected features within their vehicle. They are not alone. In joint research carried out by TNS and BearingPoint, connected car owners frequently expressed their astonishment at the power of the connected technologies at their fingertips.

    This session will examine research from across Europe that aims to understand the customer experience of connected cars, identifying key pain points in the customer experience and attitudes towards connected car technology.

    By 2020, we can expect up to eight out of 10 new cars to come equipped with some level of connectivity and manufacturers need to understand what drivers want from a connected car to differentiate their brands through applications.

    Debbie Shuttlewood, Automotive Director, TNS
    Sarah-Jayne Williams, Automotive Partner, BearingPoint

    14.40 Car As Confessional Booth: Driving Towards Truth

    Understanding who people really are is crucial for establishing customer needs. In interviews people repeatedly report that comfort, safety, practicality, value for money and so on are important to them, but we know this already. We need to move away from the functional and focus our efforts on understanding people on an emotional level.

    There’s no better way to do so than to go on a drive with them. People open up in this enclosed, intimate space, where eye contact with the researcher isn’t necessary. They speak freely about what makes them sad and what makes them happy; they reveal secrets that even their partners aren’t aware of. The drive acts as a final conclusive and revealing chapter on our time with them.

    Alma Berliner, Senior Ethnographer, Ipsos ECE
    Lin Greenfield, Product & Consumer Insights Manager, Ford Motor Company

    15.10 The Visual DNA Of Car Brands In Social Media

    Images are shaping our culture more than ever due to their digitalization, the ubiquity of smartphones and the ‘visualization’ of social media.

    However, there is still a very limited understanding of the visual dynamics of social media and the image analysis toolbox is still largely dependent on text mining and qualitative approaches. The new availability of large bodies of images questions the fitness of qualitative methods and demands approaches that are scalable such as pattern recognition and deep learning.

    Whilst exploring the opportunities and challenges of visual social media research, this session will look specifically at how car brands are discussed on Instagram, how brand values are translated into visual imagery and whether consumer images reflect or distort the identity of a brand so carefully planned and communicated.

    Franscesco D'Orazio, VP Product & Research, PULSAR

    15.40 Afternoon refreshments

    16.00 Alternative Realities - Using VR & AR To Engage Customers In Automotive

    With the launch of Oculus Rift, the imminent launch of HTC Vive and PlayStation VR, and the implications of Microsoft HoloLens and Magic Leap, there has never been a more interesting time to create virtual and augmented reality experiences to engage consumers. However, there are significant challenges in getting experiences to market and creating truly engaging experiences. Using multiple projects on Jaguar Land Rover, this talk will address the different emerging technologies, the practicalities of implementation and opportunities for things to go right (and wrong!), and thoughts on how both types of experience can be best utilised across the customer journey to engage consumers.

    Sam Ellis, Business Director - Innovation, LIDA (M&C Saatchi)

    16.30 What’s Driving Brand Loyalty In The B2B Automotive Market?

    • Examining how the changing shape of UK automotive fleet parc has impacted the brand loyalty amongst companies and company car user choosers
    • Key factors that impact loyalty towards volume and premium branded car and/or van manufactures
    • Examining customer satisfaction and loyalty measures across UK fleets and user chooser drivers across different categories:
      • Trade services
      • Business services
      • Delivery Services
      • Administrative Services
      • Professional services
    • Using insight to determine how car manufacturers should review their existing approach to fleet market segmentation and points of differentiation

    Simon Staplehurst, Commercial Research Director, Sewells / Bauer Media
    Hilary Barden, Research Manager, Sewells / Bauer Media

    17.00 Drinks reception

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