Influencing consumer decision making

This year's conference will be more practical than ever and packed with case studies from Meta, GSK, NatWest, Ofcom and many other big names demonstrating real-world applications of behavioural science and consumer psychology that are actually resulting in behaviour change.

Topics on the agenda

We’ll be talking about how and when to use nudge interventions, the ethics of online sales tactics and how to empower consumers to navigate them, and ‘in the moment’ techniques for collecting real behavioural observations.

Hear how behavioural science has been applied to impact public policy, healthcare, and DE&I initiatives, and why it should be integrated in the research, communications, products, services and experience design of every organisation.

Learn how to:
  • Improve your skills in ‘nudging’ consumers online, offline and in the metaverse
  • Optimise the design of behavioural science experiments and nudge interventions
  • Implement behavioural science methodologies that capture 'in the moment' insights
  • Embed behavioural science across your organisation
  • Use different behavioural science frameworks to gain new consumer understanding
Featuring high-profile speakers:

Hear practical applications of behavioural science from international brands and regulatory organisations including Meta, GSK, HSBC, Reckitt, UKTV, NatWest, Food Standards Agency, Competition and Markets Authority, Ofcom, Viiv Healthcare, Philip Morris, Speedo.

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Event structure

This will be a face-to-face event.  You'll have the opportunity to re-connect with industry colleagues, hear from and network with our expert panel of speakers and participate in lively discussions throughout the day that will broaden your thinking about behavioural science.

Sessions will include:
  • Case studies of new hot-off-the-press research projects
  • Panel discussions on broader topics and current challenges facing the sector
  • One-to-one interviews with influential speakers
  • Networking lunch
  • Drinks reception

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Radisson Blu Edwardian
9-13 Bloomsbury Street,London,WC1B 3QD

09.00 Registration & coffee


09.30 Welcome from the Chair

Benjamin Buckby, Founder & CEO, peasee


09.40 How to influence people online, offline and in the Metaverse

The pandemic quickly caused changes in consumer behaviour. Shoppers now expect immersive experiences with access to reviews, QR-codes and promotions in-store as well as online. Are these conveniences leading consumers to (subconsciously) expect brands to focus on providing means for instant gratification?

Join Kantar and Meta as they discuss how marketers can future-proof their strategy with analysis involving Behavioral Science and the Psychology of Wellbeing (PERMA). They’ll also share behavioural science nudges to help delegates influence the entire scope of consumer behaviour – online, offline and in the Metaverse.

Eszter Boczan, Global Behavioural Science Director, Kantar
Jeff L. Herrmann, VP, Global Client Director for Meta, Kantar
Ian Edwards, Global Connection Planning Director, Facebook


10.10 Designing a System 3 based behavioural science methodology to uncover the true barriers to TV viewing

UKTV wanted a new and improved approach to understanding the barriers that were stopping new and existing viewers from watching more often. In this session UKTV and Irrational agency will share the System 3 approach they used to understand viewing experiences and develop behavioural hypotheses to test.

Examine the experiments that were designed to test these hypotheses and how they led to the creation of nudge interventions. Find out how insights have been implemented across UKTV brands and the impact on strategy.

Leigh Caldwell, Co-founder & Partner, Irrational Agency
Erin Ranue, Insight Manager, UKTV


10.40 Morning refreshments & networking


11.00 PANEL - Behaviourally-informed organisations: stories, struggles and successes of embedding behavioural science

A panel discussion with intrapreneurs and early adopters from a range of industries and functions to share their journeys, learnings, and practical tips for embedding behavioural science in organisations – big and small. Panellists will discuss how and why they are integrating behavioural science in their research, communications, products, services, and experience design; what has (and hasn’t) worked; barriers that they have had to overcome; and their plans for the future. Get inspired and hear first-hand about how to get started and scale behavioural science in organisations to solve business challenges and discover new opportunities for growth.

Benjamin Buckby, Founder & CEO, peasee


James Sallows, Global Head of Capability & Transformation, GSK
Shelagh Martin, Head of Customer Care, Global Commercial Banking, HSBC
Bilge Balci, Head of Insights & Analytics, Consumer & Digital Health, Vectura Fertin Pharma
Rupert Gill, Head of Behavioural Science, Ofcom

The online rip-off tip-off!

The tactics being used online to nudge decision making sit across an ethical ‘fine-line’.  In this presentation TBA and the CMA will share how they used a behavioural methodology to develop a consumer-facing campaign aimed at empowering consumers to navigate misleading online sales tactics.

  • Hear what heuristics consumers adopt in the online space
  • Examine the behavioural impacts of specific misleading sales tactics on consumer decision making
  • Analyse the behavioural science concepts that give power to each of the sales tactics

Crawford Hollingworth Global Founder, The Behavioural Architects

Rachel Abbott Director, Head of Social Change, The Behavioural Architects

Sam Davis, Senior Market Research Adviser |Office of the Chief Economic Adviser, Competition and Markets Authority


12.10 Driving real behavioural outcomes for Reckitt’s brands

In this talk Nicki and Alex will discuss the introduction of new behavioural science frameworks and research approaches across Reckitt brands that are challenging brand teams to approach purpose comms and innovation in a more consumer centric and measurable way. Drawing on new research for the Finish Brand, the conversation will address the challenges and learnings of successfully bringing behavioural science to the brand teams in an actionable way to create actionable interventions.

Dr Nicki Morley, Head of Behavioural Science & Innovation Expertise, UK Insights Kantar

In conversation with

Alex Peters, Purpose Insights Senior Manager, Reckitt


12.40 Lunch


13.40 Matching the mood: how (and why) to tailor nudges for the exact moment they are received 
Imagine your favourite football team just lost the big match. Would you be in the mood to receive an upbeat, social proof-based nudge in the ad break promoting a healthy lifestyle? You know what nudges are, and you know how important it is to personalise them for your specific audience but their effectiveness changes from moment-to-moment according to things like mood. With the big data revolution capturing our data every second and with big tech providing the means to talk to individuals in each one of those seconds, the time is right to start customising nudges to mood, goals, and context. In this fascinating seminar, Kubic Intelligence will explain the secrets of how to do it. 

Dr Vanja Ljevar, Chief Data Scientist, Kubic Intelligence


14.10 A behavioural science approach to identifying and developing diverse talent at Natwest group 

This NatWest Group case study will examine how Behavioural Science was used to attract and select colleagues into its Talent Academy. The aim was to support all of NatWest’s 65,000 employees to feel confident to embrace this internal opportunity and to drastically increase the diversity of applications across the internal talent pipeline, with a specific focus on disadvantaged backgrounds and under-represented groups.

Hear how the behavioural science team applied a range of behavioural techniques to improve processes and communications and how the work has already achieved impressive results with targets for BAME and reasonable adjustments requests being exceeded. 

Vicki Ashworth, Behavioural Science & Applied Psychology Team, NatWest
Meera Shah, Behavioural Science & Applied Psychology Team, NatWest
Anneloes Hak, Behavioural Science & Applied Psychology Team, NatWest


14.40 The trials and tribulations of running behavioural trials ‘in the wild

Applying behavioural science to help design, improve and deliver public policy has become increasingly prevalent across UK Government. The FSA is currently running a programme of five behavioural trials addressing a variety of questions.

In this session the FSA will discuss the challenges of attempting to run behavioural trials ‘in the wild’. The talk will cover issue such as designing trials, finding industry partners, the importance of timing and budget constraints.  Find out what lessons can be learnt and effective strategies for dealing with challenges when delivering your own behavioural trials in the real world.

Ayla Ibrahimi Jarchlo, Social Science Research Officer, FSA 

In conversation with

Alice Rayner, Senior Social Research Officer, FSA

15.10 Afternoon refreshments & networking


15.30 Good for your health? A realistic and pragmatic guide to applying behavioural science in healthcare

There are extensive opportunities to apply behavioural science thinking in healthcare. However, the practical application is beset with challenges.

In this session Ipsos and Viiv Healthcare will share a case study of the practical application of behavioural science including insight into the internal systems and processes that have been developed to facilitate integration of behavioural science in healthcare studies. They will explore how behavioural science can optimise analysis of more traditional methodologies and the importance of client collaboration and a one-team approach to delivering tangible outcomes with a clear focus on business impact.

Anna Meadows, Principal Consultant Behavioural Science, Ipsos
Helen Bennis, Head of Qualitative, Ipsos Healthcare
Nathalie Wilde, Head of Client Engagement, Ipsos Healthcare
Emma Cain, Market Insights Director – Global Commercial Strategy, Viiv Healthcare


16.00 Understanding ‘real’ shopper behaviour and designing solutions

This end-to-end case study will demonstrate how Speedo is using behavioural science to understand why its goggles are underperforming in store environments and how findings are informing behavioural design to improve in-store performance.

Examine how the use of in-the-moment techniques, such as eye tracking technology and engaging shoppers in stores, has provided real not claimed behavioural observations. Hear how the application of behavioural science, interpreted with consumer psychology findings have led to design changes to product packaging and in store positioning.

Shona McDonald Ponton, Senior Research Director, Spark Emotions
Speaker to be announced, Speedo


16.30 Drinks networking reception


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