27 October 2016 • London
The leading event for brands that want to understand and react to the new wave of consumer demand

The demands made on brands by consumers and citizens are becoming ever more niche, exacting and uncompromising. This is the conference that sends out a warning flare to brands on what they can expect and how they can react.

Now in its third year Customers Exposed offers fresh insight, provocation and advice for anyone wanting to successfully ride the new wave of customer demand.

Eleven research professionals offer a wide-ranging, evidence-based and provocative view of newly-empowered, savvy and financially-rejuvenated customers. Satisfying need, securing loyalty and ensuring trust is no small task. This conference will outline the challenges and point towards some possible solutions.

This interactive conference allows marketers, brand managers, product champions and research professionals the time and space to examine some of the profound issues facing business and society in meeting the needs of the new customer. It's a conference for anyone with a vested interest in understanding change.

What you get:

  • Highly-respected and experienced industry speakers, with deep expertise in the area of consumer and social behaviour.
  • Provocative views and practical advice.
  • Trends that apply across a wide range of sectors.
  • Full interactivity throughout the day, allowing you to challenge and question speakers.
  • No case studies or sales pitches.

92 Southampton Row ,LONDON,WC1B 4BH

More details of the venue can be found at their website. Visit it here.

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