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Join this on-demand data analytics webinar which combines case studies and skills development sessions for a fascinating afternoon designed to help you improve your data handling skills and gain new ideas from industry live projects.

Come prepared to gain expertise in new methodologies. Hear how companies like yours are using advanced analytics to predict future consumer behaviours, engage stakeholders, identify influencers and achieve an accurate measure of online opinion. Improve your knowledge of tools and methodologies for mining, analysing and presenting data insights.

Hear key contributions from RBS, Sainsbury, the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation, Harman International, Community Data Cooperative and more…

Join the event to:

  • Explore applications of AI and predictive analytics for consumer insight
  • Hone skills in combining structured survey data and unstructured social media
  • Compare tools and methodologies for extracting useful insight from vast quantities of unstructured data
  • Improve skills in creating powerful data visualisation for internal stakeholders
  • Examine how advanced analytics and AI is being used by consumer brands to develop rapid and informed responses to Covid 19

13.15 Welcome from the Chair

Nick Bonney, Founder, Deep Blue Thinking


13.20 Swiss Ice Hockey Federation case study: leveraging social data for nuanced engagement with audiences

The Swiss Ice Hockey Federation (SIHF) wanted to use social data to develop its fanbase and provide further support to its commercial proposition, sponsor retention and acquisition. Hear how Convosphere used a combination of Thematic Analysis, Audience Analysis and Influencer Networking to profile SIHF’s core and potential audiences in meeting these objectives.

Through this case study delegates will hear how to build and map highly targeted audiences from Twitter data, leverage the social graph and content feeds to understand how to better engage audiences, identify key bridges between existing and target audiences, find commonalities between fragmented consumer clusters and uncover primary consumer concerns and leverage them.

Oliver Lewis, Global Head of Insight, Convosphere


13.45 RBS case study: testing predictive analytics as an alternative measure to NPS

Over the past year RBS has been testing the impact of using data science tools with behavioural data to predict outcomes with a view to determining whether predictive analytics can improve or even replace its existing NPS programme. A solid business case and strong evidence is essential to implementing any changes.

In this presentation RBS will share outcomes so far and some of the key questions that have been considered during the tests such as what are the pros and cons of different approaches, how can it be operationalised, what impact does this have on resources and costs – both for the business and for the Insight Team?

Kate Reeve, Head of Customer Insight, Customer Experience, RBS


14.10 Content & communities: understanding the key drivers of opinion in the new world

Marketers and communicators have used the same criteria to evaluate companies and brands for decades and this framework has worked well, until now. But how will the global pandemic of 2020 influence how companies are evaluated and, ultimately judged?

In this session, we explore a new evaluation framework based on content and community mapping - an innovative way to analyse vast amounts of unstructured, social media data to understand the forces shaping popular opinion. How is this approach helping companies and brands understand key audiences and shape their post-crisis response, resilience, and recovery?

Anna McAvoy, Head of Insight, Powerscourt Group

Philip Lynch, Consultant


14.35-14.45 Break


14.45 Combining structured survey data, with unstructured social media

The rise of the citizen Data Scientist has been made possible by the application of new tools and methodologies.  In this session delegates will:

  • Explore data fusion techniques to combine multiple structured and unstructured data sources
  • Discover how to auto ingest vast volumes of data to give immediate insight
  • Explore how different visualisation can be used to tell the data stories
  • Examine how captured data can be easily run against many models using machine learning services to create new measures such as sentiment and tone

Andy Hopcraft, Technical Director, SDG Group


15.10 Sainsbury’s case study: maximising stakeholder engagement with data insights

Over the last three years Sainsbury’s Property Analytics & Insight team has been working hard to produce more engaging and usable insight for the business as a whole to enable fast and responsive business decision making. This session will demonstrate how Alteryx & Tableau is being used to prepare, blend, analyse and visualise data. Explore how Sainsbury’s has used these tools to interrogate and visualise customer satisfaction data for the Sainsbury’s Property business.  Hear how greater granularity and clearer presentation of insight is helping to boost impact.

Becky Holland, Insight Manager – Property Analytics & Insight, Sainsbury's

Sophie Coley, Insight Analyst, Property Analytics & Insight, Sainsbury's


15.35 Has 2020 accelerated an evolution in segmentation?

The shelf-life of a segmentation is dependent on that marketplace staying the same. But in 2020, nothing is the same. In the face of global events, understanding how segmentations might shift or evolve over time is more important now than ever before.

This session will explore how, by creatively applying a suite of techniques such as silhouette and gap analysis, we can anticipate how segmentations might change, even as we build them. When paired with tracking data, these techniques can determine whether the segmentation’s foundations have fundamentally shifted, requiring a completely new approach, or whether evolving clusters still articulate the whole of a market, albeit in new configurations.

Examine how combining forecasting and monitoring over time can help determine how to better react to seismic changes and global events.

Tom Morgan, Director of Analytics, Tapestry Research



16.00 Measuring brand love: combining psychological analytics with NLP

Harman wanted to get a deeper understanding of its brand health. Vanity metrics weren’t enough and it wanted to complement its traditional brand equity tracker with social media brand equity monitoring that measured both the functional and emotional equities of brand love.

Using the Psychology AI text analytics platform which is based on natural language processing combined with psychological analytics Harman could explore the nuances of online comments and conversations and uncover live, detailed, insights on how the brand was stirring emotions with people and general being perceived with incredible granularity.

This session will explore the analytics journey and demonstrate how these nuance brand heath findings are being used across the business to improve customer engagement.

Yuwon Song, Senior Sales Manager, Symanto

George Peck, Senior Manager of Global Consumer Insights, Harman International


16.25 End of conference

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