Join MRS online, for a day of case studies and discussion that will demonstrate how to distil actionable insights from an infinite number of data points captured across multiple datasets.

Explore the complexities and possibilities of blending different types of data and find out how to land your data led insights with stakeholders in a highly accessible and visual way.

Examine award winning data driven insight projects from Pinterest, the BBC and Formula-E and hear how other global brands are using data driven insights to lead transformative initiatives. Key contributions from:

PepsiCo * Pinterest  * BBC * Formula E * MAPFRE  * BBC World Service * Macmillan*

Log onto this event and examine how to:

  • Blend multiple datasets including customer data, social listening data and search data to maximise customer acquisition and value
  • Use spatial analytics, first person event-based data and social data to provide on-the go insights into physical environments and real-life events
  • Deploy AI for dynamic brand learning and predictive insights
  • Develop self-serve platforms and visual storytelling techniques to maximise stakeholder engagement with data driven insights
  • Build a novel hybrid segmentation methodology for fuller customer understanding

09.30 Welcome from the Chair

Bethan Blakeley, Research Director, Boxclever Consulting


Award winning case study

09.35 BBC Sounds Regional Dashboard: delivering ‘value for all’
The BBC has always been for everyone across the UK but it traditionally struggled to deliver data-driven pan-UK insights. In response to this insight gap, the multi-disciplinary Radio Audiences team set about collaboratively, and iteratively, developing a new tool, utilising digital data from BBC Sounds to deliver granular geo-demographic analysis of UK wide audience performance enabling a wide array of stakeholders to easily self-serve reliable and timely data-led insights, in a highly visual way.

This award-winning case study session will examine the journey of developing a widely praised analytics tool and how the Sounds Regional Dashboard has had a transformative effect across the business, improving the relationship the BBC has with its audiences and in delivering its ‘Value For All’ mandate.

Arran Finlan, Principal Data Analyst, BBC


10.05 How PepsiCo went "meta" to improve creative effectiveness by 30%

PepsiCo sought a systematic way to improve its ad testing processes, leveraging its millions of consumer data points to raise its creative bar. They partnered with Zappi to co-develop ‘Amplify’ a testing system that optimises ad concepts systematically and provides a highly predictive assessment of an ad's ability to drive short-term sales and create long-term brand equity. Beyond fast and predictive, PepsiCo also wanted the ability to unlock "meta" learnings across brands, markets, demographics, and categories to help teams dynamically learn in every stage of the creative process. 

In this session, hear how PepsiCo scaled a new process, bringing consumers into every stage of the creative process, leveraging data to learn dynamically across brands, and maximising predictive insights to validate and improve creative campaigns.

Babita Earle, Managing Director, International, Zappi

Kim Malcolm, Senior Director of Product Strategy, Advertising, Zappi

Monica Tenorio, Vice President of Insights, Analytics & Marketing Capabilities Europe, PepsiCo


10.35 Charts are not memorable, stories are

Data is important. It provides stakeholders with confidence, and confirms insight perhaps captured through qualitative discussions. But, simply providing the data is not going to compel stakeholders to make big decisions and drive change through an organisation. They need to understand what the data is telling them and how this relates to the customer. They need to appreciate how one big data point is influenced by a series of other factors that are influencing that number.

Through interrogating the data and integrating it with customer knowledge, we can land insights with greater impact. In this session Magenta will demonstrate how visualisations that tell a story and can help stakeholders prioritise their decisions.

Dr Sarah Jenkins, Managing Director, Magenta

Eve Robertson, Research Director, Magenta


11.10 Morning break


11.40 PANEL From noise to insight: understanding and integrating event-based and social data
Every step you take, and every move you make, you generate data. Thanks to our mobile phones every single day, we create a digital trail. Whether it be first-party event data or social data, more and more tech companies are gathering this data and offering it up to brands for analysis.
But how do we integrate this into the more traditional evidence-based practice of asking people for opinions and making statistical assumptions about what wider populations are up to? How do we sift through the vast quantities of data that we are gathering and translate it into actionable insights? Can AI help us make sense of the data deluge?
Led by member of the MRS Advanced Insight & Analytics Council including:

Jake Steadman, VP Market Research & Data, Canva

Geir Freysson, CEO, Datasmoothie


Award winning case study

12.10 Examining how spatial analytics is driving ROI and improving fan experience at Formula E live events

Formula E racing has an annual revenue of 300m euros p/a and is watched by a global TV audience of 400m per year.

This award-winning case study shows how spatial analytics was used at four Formula E circuits across seven racing days to collect and analyse data on how fans moved around the physical space and interacted with the space, enabling correlations with brand activations, F&B sales, queues and other interactions.

Hear how this innovative methodology is enabling Formula E’s commercial and operational stakeholders to make evidence-based decisions when changing layouts, timing and facilities at live events to improve the fan experience and deliver better ROI for brands and sponsors.

Jessica Pomfret, Account Director, Meshh

Pohlin Lau, Senior Insight Manager, Formula E


12.40 Lunch


13.40 Combining multiple sources of data to develop holistic customer understanding and build targeted customer propositions
Spanish insurance giant MAPFRE embarked on a detailed investigation, combining social listening, audience analysis, focus groups, netnography and online discussion forums to gain a 360-view of how Spanish families approach insurance decisions.
This case study shows how this holistic qualitative and quantitative mixed-methodology approach successfully brought together multiple sources of data to uncover families’ sentiments towards insurance companies and assess the quality of interactions families had with digital services and different products.
Oliver Lewis, Research Director, Convosphere
Odoga Treviño, Social Media Research & Analysis, MAPFRE


14.10 Data driven insight to spearhead BBC’s World Service digital-first transition

In 2022 following the freeze of the BBC license fee, the World Service was required to immediately reduce spending on international news content and services by £28.5m. Its strategy was to place greater focus on digital platforms and audience and market data was at the heart of decision-making in this digital, cost saving transformation process.

This highly commended case study examines how with urgency and speed the World Service Audience team successfully remodelled, enriched and created new cuts of data from its Global Audience Measurement (GAM) dataset, the BBC’s global multiplatform people measure. Examine how a data-driven insight approach helped to minimise audience reach loss, prioritise high impact programmes and platforms and maximise inclusive reach.

Claire Rooney, Head of Audience Research, BBC World Service

Minnie Kweon, Senior Data Manager, BBC World Service


14.40 Afternoon break


15.10 Maximising supporter life time value

In today's fundraising landscape, where challenges abound, charities like Macmillan are pioneering innovative approaches to understanding lifetime value. In this session, discover how Macmillan, in collaboration with Boxclever, embraced a cutting-edge hybrid segmentation methodology which fuses primary research data with supporter data to identify the key behavioural metrics that differentiate on attitudes and motivations to donating.

Examine how this approach helps Macmillan focus its retention strategy on what truly matters to supporters to drive lifetime value. Moreover, hear how this research has begun the journey to a step change in how Macmillan thinks about its whole customer strategy.

Alison Gilbertson, Research Director, Boxclever

Fearn Sandison, Senior Customer Journey Manager, Macmillan


15.40 Unpacking inspiration: a multi-award-winning example of trust, experimentation, and impact

Enabling inspiration for its users is the core of Pinterest’s mission and it is constantly exploring new and innovative ways to measure this mandate. Using a bespoke blend of cutting-edge qual, quant and AI-driven semiotic analysis, with human understanding at its heart, Firefish and Pinterest worked together to unpack inspiration globally and arrived at a game-changing insight. This session will reveal how that insight guided internal development, supported content creators, and built a compelling narrative to take to market, showing how to take intangible and complex things and, through great partnership and strategic thinking, distil them down into something simple, meaningful and – ultimately – useful that drives business forwards. 

Adrien Weinert, Senior Director, Firefish

Daron Sharps PhD, Researcher, Pinterest


16.10 Putting Philips at the heart of consumer journeys with data-driven content

Since 2017, Philips has partnered with Kantar's Digital Content team to explore ways to connect with consumers through organic search visibility. By utilising search engine data and understanding key target audiences, Philips has successfully implemented a content strategy that would have cost 37 times more through paid media. 

In this case study you’ll hear how using search data analysis, Philips has substantially increased traffic to its content creation hub, converting content browsers into potential customers.

Claudia O'Shea, Head of Digital Content, Kantar Analytics 
Sergey Lesnikov, Global Digital Marketing & SEO Lead, Philips  


16.40 End of conference

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