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Find out how financial organisations are optimising the way they commission, use and embed insight to deliver customer-centric strategies. Hear the latest attitudes, behaviours and needs of financial consumers, revealing potential growth opportunities for financial providers and informing better engagement.

  • Nurture holistic insight cultures and break the traditional boundaries of market research
  • Use agile insight delivery to respond better and faster to changing customer challenges
  • Develop insight led strategies to improve engagement and communication with diverse audiences
  • Understand financial consumers’ journeys and improve the customer experience
  • Capture attitudinal and behavioural insights using a range of methodologies

Key contributions from NatWest Group, Financial Conduct Authority, Lloyds Banking Group, L&G, MAPFRE, ClearScore and Zurich Financial Services.

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10.30 Welcome from the Chair

Fiona Blades, CEO, MESH


10.40 Creating an insight culture that makes a difference

Following the financial crisis in 2008 and continuing to the present day, RBS / NatWest has been on an insight led journey. The cultural shift has seen the bank go from talking about “putting customers at the heart of what we do” to living and breathing customer journeys every day.  For the Insight team, they’ve gone beyond simply using survey data – they’re connecting insight to the business system, which has taken them past the traditional boundaries of market research.   This journey has been about putting thoughts into actions, moving from concept to culture, and turning data into delivery. Join Paul and Ian as they share the journey and the key lessons learnt.

Paul Smith, Director of Customer Insight, NatWest Group

Ian Goulding, Head of Insight Operations, NatWest Group


11.10 Access to cash

COVID-19 has acted as a major disruptor to consumers’ financial habits. Research from UK Finance suggests that cash use fell by 35% in 2020 alone. Yet there is a persistent cohort of individuals who not only prefer cash, but actively rely on it. In February 2020, Savanta was commissioned by the FCA to undertake qualitative research to understand why some individuals rely on cash and their cash-based behaviour.


This session will explore the challenges of undertaking research with vulnerable audiences during a pandemic, evaluate the impact of COVID-19 on cash-based behaviour, unpick what drives cash reliance and consider the potential harms for the cash-reliant in the face of diminishing cash use and access.

Meghan Oliver, Director, Savanta

Max McEwan, Associate Director, Savanta

Gergana Tomova, Senior Associate, Financial Conduct Authority


11.40 Break


12.00 Improving engagement with ethnic minority audiences

In July 2020, Lloyds Banking Group launched its Race Action Plan; striving to create a fully inclusive environment for colleagues, customers and communities. As part of the plan’s commitment, Lloyds Banking Group examined the extent to which the public communications produced are delivering positive and progressive representations of ethnic minority groups using a range of methods including cultural analysis, semiotics and online groups. 


The research created an impact by highlighting that to truly engage with their minority ethnic audiences Lloyds needed to go further then ‘Reflecting Modern Britain’ and move to ‘Championing Modern Britain’ – defying negative stereotypes and showcasing positive role models that recognise communications’ vital societal responsibility. 

Jennie Emmerson, Research & Performance Insights, Chief Customer Office, Lloyds Banking Group

Stephanie Mensah, Financial Services Qualitative Director, Ipsos MORI

Monique Centrone, UK Semiotics Lead, Ipsos MORI


12.30 ‘Deadline To Breadline’: Highlighting financial vulnerability and driving engagement with protection 

How long could consumers really survive if they can only rely on their savings? The session will show that even a global pandemic doesn’t jolt people into consciousness of their true financial reality with 9 in 10 people still don’t have adequate cover to protect themselves against losing the ability to work.

Legal and General’s long-running ‘Deadline to Breadline’ research provides a unique glimpse into the financial resilience and vulnerability of UK households, empowering advisers with the insights to educate consumers on risk & to contextualise the value of protection insurance.

Kathy Ellison, Director, Savanta

Charlotte May, Group Head of Customer Research, L&G

Michael Edwards, Customer Strategy & Insight, L&G


13.00 Lunch


13.45 An agile approach to developing customer personas

MAPFRE’s Life Insurance department wanted to develop a better understanding of their customer personas to improve communications. They wanted an agile solution that would capture the true voice of our customers in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Using social analytics and blending conversational analysis with focus groups and mobile netnography, customers’ stated and unstated motivations, behaviours, and attitudes were identified. Six personas emerged from the research. Hear how this has research has fed into UX and communications strategies and the impact of deploying targeted messages to specific personas.

Tamara Lucas, Associate Director, Convosphere

Odoga Treviño, Social Media Research & Analytics Manager, MAPFRE

Joined in Q&A by Eva Vela, Head of Social Media Research & Analytics at MAPFRE and Oliver Lewis, Head of Insights at Convosphere


14.15 Is the UK “open” to open banking and what does the future hold? Understanding implicit attitudes to data sharing.

ClearScore is on a mission to make finances fairer for all. To get there, they’ve been investing in research to understand and drive open banking adoption to improve consumers’ access credit.

ClearScore has worked with Walnut to deliver fresh research on the opportunity for open banking in financial services, and the drivers and barriers to consumer adoption. This session will share new neuroscience insights that shed light on consumers’ “openness” towards open banking. Hear how awareness has developed over time, what truly motivates consumers to share their data based on implicit findings and learn how consumers can be encouraged to change behaviours.

Elisha Temminck, Associate Director, Walnut Unlimited

Sara Sheridan, Director of Insight & Research, ClearScore


14.45 Break


15.05 Developing insight led support for businesses through the pandemic

The UK economy shrank by 9.8% in 2020 leaving many businesses struggling to adapt and survive.  New products, technology, policies, customer journeys and staff training were rapidly developed, all underpinned by robust customer insight.


Hear how NatWest has developed a comprehensive and innovative approach to customer insight – which is wholly ‘customer first’, deploys a wide range of organisational capabilities, is based on a ‘one bank’ ethos and has been delivered using a freshly developed scaled agile approach.

Matt Blowers, Customer Insight Lead, NatWest Group


15.35 Improving payment experiences

Over 75% of consumers have a negative emotional reaction to the experience of paying for their purchases. This is true whether the register is a real one in a physical store or a virtual one in an online or mobile environment.


Sentient Decision Science wanted to explore whether it was possible to re-design the payment experience, incorporating visual and auditory cues to transform it from a profoundly negative one into a positive one. They tested a wide range of alternative experiences and identified a shareable and actionable set of best practices for CX re-design. Hear how these results are promising for retailers, brands, card networks, and consumers alike.

Joe Sauer, Senior Vice President, Managing Director, UK & EU, Sentient Decision Science


16.05 My Generation: exploring inter-generational perspectives on money

The UK will see the largest inter-generational transfer of wealth in its history over the next 25 years. Yet we know that financial capability, attitudes and experience differ greatly between generations.


This presentation will feature the testimonials of multi-generational families, brought together to discuss different aspects of financial planning. Who do we listen to for financial advice? What are our biggest concerns around money? Do we feel in control of our money and finances? And, of course, what does this mean for brands supporting the upcoming transfer of wealth and subsequent deployment of capital?


Hear how this people-centric approach yielded some surprising results.

Paul Child, Senior Business Director, InSites Consulting

Roger Faulks, Markets and Customer Insights Manager, Zurich Financial Services


16.35 End of conference

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