Understanding and Engaging Generation Z

Delve into a child’s world and find out what children do in their leisure time: how they play, what they watch, what choices they make and what risks they take. Determine how best to capture their emotions and analyse the key moments they connect with brands and imagery.

This one-day event is sure to boost your understanding of the child and teenager segment and improve how you engage and build relationships with this lucrative market.

Hear how the following organisations are gleaning critical insights from young people and using them to improve product offerings, drive strategy and protect young peoples’ wellbeing: 

Royal Shakespeare Company, McDonalds, Viacom International Media Networks, Public Health England, BBC, Nickleodeon, Walt Disney Company, OFCOM, Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP), Children’s’ Media Foundation, MRS

At this event you’ll be able to:

  • Explore innovative research methodologies that are delivering exceptional insights into the lives and minds of kids and teenagers
  • Hear the latest child and teenager research being showcased with case studies from McDonald’s, Royal Shakespeare Company, Public Health England, Nickleodeon and the BBC
  • Get to the heart of how children behave during research in a special session with chartered clinical child psychologist Dr Angharad Rudkin
  • Discover how ethnography is enabling researchers to hear the voices of children that are often under-represented in research
  • Hear the MRS, Committee for Advertising Practice and Children’s Media Foundation debate code of conduct guidelines for child research and marketing and outline best practices you should be following

Grange City Hotel
8-14 Cooper’s Row,London,EC3N 2BQ

More details of the venue can be found at their website. Visit it here.

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