Kids & Youth Insights 2020 showcases an inspiring collection of research projects that demonstrate how brands, government and the third sector are gathering and using insight to strengthen understanding, improve engagement and tailor offerings to better serve and support young people.

Don’t miss contributions from BBC, Public Health England, IKEA, Sport England, ITV, Save The Children, The Student Room, NHS South West London Health and Care Partnership, Women In Sport.

More brands to be announced soon…

Attend this event to:

  • Examine new methods, tools and guidelines for improving integrity and outputs from kids research
  • Explore the growth opportunities and appeal of voice tech and voice content for children and families
  • Examine youth online media habits and determine how media brands can win fickle young audiences
  • Analyse what ‘keeping it real’ for young people actually looks like in terms of your brand strategy
  • Evaluate different techniques for researching emotive and sensitive topics with young respondents
  • Gain new insights into aspirations, desires and struggles young people today are facing
  • Explore how to engage, motivate and empower kids and teens to make better health and exercise decisions

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9-13 Bloomsbury Street,London,WC1B 3QD

 09.00 Refreshments


09.30 Opening comments from the Chair

Josephine Hansom, Managing Director of Research, YouthSight


09.40 Alexa, Mummy and me: the future of voice technology in the home

Voice technology is changing family dynamics and the way that kids interact with services, media and brands. It’s being heralded as a gamechanger with both opportunities and challenges for brands. 

In this session Ipsos will draw on the work it’s been doing with IAB, technology brands, voice experts, futurologists, cultural analysts and families to showcase: kid’s relationship with voice, device role in the home, brand interactions and what more can be done to alleviate privacy and safety concerns.

Katherine Jameson Armstrong, Head of Qualitative, Ipsos Media Development


10.05 Panel discussion: How are kids brands engaging with podcasts, voice, and audiobooks?

Audio is having a renaissance right now, particularly in the kids space: the BBC reports that 60% of young people are now interested in podcasts; 22% of UK homes have access to a voice-controlled speaker; and audiobook sales have soared by 43%. This panel, hosted by Hook Research, brings together key players across the audio landscape to discuss how modern brands are leveraging interest in audio to create engaging content; how they’re beginning to monetise these younger audiences; and what new opportunities and challenges brands should be prepared for.

Chair: Sam Harris, Insights & Engagement Director, Hook Research
Anna Bond, Sales & Brand Director, Pan Macmillan
Matt Deegan, Station Manager, Fun Kids Radio (also, founder of the British Podcast Awards)
Faye McDowall,  Lead Digital Strategist, DAX Worldwide – Global


10.35 Everything you need to know about kids’ online video habits

The BBC has noticed a dramatic shift in the kids’ media landscape within the last few years, from linear TV to streaming services such as Netflix. This shift has impacted how, when and where children are consuming content. It has also altered their expectations of the type of content they want to consume.

Using a broad range of methods, including passive tracking, video diaries, running an online community and also visiting kids in their homes, Discovery uncovered the full picture of the videos kids watched online. Hear how this insight has helped inform the BBC on how to better reach the 0–16yrs audience with their programmes using on-demand platforms, and specifically, what can they learn from other behaviours that would enable them to better serve this audience.

Helen Lockett, Research Manager, Discovery

Ryan Lewis, Research Manager - Children’s Audiences team, BBC


11.00 Morning refreshments


11.25 “Authenticity: it’s in fashion”

What are the central tenets of authenticity and how can brands best incorporate these into their strategy for targeting youth audiences?

Implementing a multi-methodology approach using focus groups, survey and regression analysis, ITV and UM investigated to what extent authenticity relating to good causes appeals to young people, the co-relation between brand authenticity and purchasing metrics and the relationship between authenticity, brand values and likeability of adverts.

Michael Brown, Partner, Insight & Cross-Culture, UM

George McMahon, Senior Insight Executive, UM

Matthew King, Commercial Audiences Manager, ITV


11.50 Latest updates to MRS Code of Conduct

Julie Corney, Standards & Compliance Manager, MRS


12.05 The parental problem: solving the challenge of accessing teens from panels

  • Outlining existing quality concerns around teen panels
  • Examining a new approach to improving respondent quality and integrity

Tatenda Musesengwa, Managing Director, Panel & Data Services, YouthSight
Emma Quinn, Client Manager, YouthSight


12.20 Overcoming the challenges of conducting research with young children

In 2019, Save the Children commissioned education specialists, EdComs, to conduct research into how lower income families from across the UK felt about money, work, childcare and learning in the home. The research had two phases: in-home interviews with small groups of parents of 0-7 year olds; and mini play-based focus groups for 4-7 year olds from across the UK.

This session will focus on how the environment and methodology was designed to create a familiar and comfortable setting, help spark discussion and to introduce complex, and potentially sensitive, topics to children in a simple way.  Hear what worked well, how they might conduct it differently next time and how the insight gathered was used to inform Save the Children’s policy and strategic decision-making.

Francesca de Munnich, Policy, Advocacy and Campaigns, Save the Children

Rebecca Smith, Research Manager, EdComs


12.45 Understanding what young people see online before they are 18 and how it affects them and researchers

TSR Insight and The Student Room (TSR) will present insights from their research into young people’s exposure to online content. The results are shocking and the impact on young people’s mental health is concerning. Researchers were not prepared for the degree of violent, manipulative and abusive content to which many young people were exposed to daily, including; beheadings, shootings, assaults, animal abuse, grooming and suicide live streams.

This session will share the journey of understanding the world of young people and their feelings. It will demonstrate how best to build young people’s trust so that they can share their experiences enabling the industry to provide better online safety guidance. It will also discuss possible safeguards for researchers and moderators when researching distressing topics.

Hope Dade, Market Research & Insight Analyst, TSR Insight

Julie Vincent, Insight Director, TSR Insight

Grace Joyce, Community Manager, The Student Room


13.10 Lunch


14.10 Insights from the longitudinal study of young people in England

The Longitudinal Study of Young People in England (LSYPE), conducted for the Department for Education, is the UK’s largest annual study of its kind. It has followed two cohorts of 7,000 young people from their early teens through to early adulthood.

This session will compare findings from cohort 1 with cohort 2 in terms of their aspirations and outcomes in relation to education and career paths, their sense of identity, their attitudes and behaviours and their health and well-being. It will also explore what has been learnt about conducting research among young people from undertaking this pioneering research.

Carrie Harding, Senior Associate Director, Kantar Public

Emily Edwards Hughes, Research Manager, Kantar Public


14.35 Health, nutrition & exercise: reducing childhood obesity

In the summer of 2019 Sherbert Research was jointly commissioned by the BBC and Public Health England to undertake an exploration of children aged 3 to 11’s knowledge and comprehension of health, nutrition and the role of exercise in their lives with a view to understanding how to positively influence healthier attitudes, habits and lifestyles and to reduce childhood obesity.

This case study will detail the ethnographic and immersive methodology that was designed and will provide an overview of how the approach sensitively and ethically addressed the particular topics of body image, weight and fat.

Suzanne Partis, Director, Sherbert Research

Jack Melton Bradley, Senior Audience Researcher, Children’s, BBC


15.00 Afternoon refreshments


15.20 Trialling novel engagement techniques to better support teen mental health

NHS South West London Alliance wanted to understand how to maintain meaningful connections with young people in a digital world to improve this audience’s knowledge, access and engagement with mental health support services. In a study looking at 11-12 and 15-16 year olds, they sought to uncover how to better reach, engage with and impact this audience when it comes to their worries in life.

Hear how a range of research techniques including online surveys, diaries and deep dives using novel voice technology were combined to uncover insights leading to improved effectiveness of media campaigns.

Jonathan Norris, Insight Manager, Giraffe Insights

Jennifer Nolan, Head of Communications, Public Affairs & Media, NHS South West London Health and Care Partnership


15.45 Latest finding from IKEA Kids’ panel: eating, exercise and wellbeing

For the last 2 years IKEA’s children’s panel has run in China, Germany and the UK. Using an app, children respond with pictures and film in response to set monthly tasks. The children have been asked about lifestyle, including eating, exercise and wellbeing and the results are fascinating.

This session will present a snapshot of how the IKEA children’s panel, aged 8-14, live, eat and enjoy life in different countries and the impact this has on IKEA’s planning.

Dr Barbie Clarke, Managing Director, Family Kids & Youth

Magnus Thuvesson, Project Leader, Children’s IKEA


16.10 Panel Discussion: active lives children and young people

Sport England’s, Active Lives Children and Young People survey gives a detailed picture of the attitudes and behaviours around sport and physical activity of children and young people in England. The analysis provides unprecedented insight into what drives activity and its associated outcomes (mental wellbeing, resilience and social trust). 
Join panellists to discuss how this insight could help them change the way they plan for and engage their young audiences to ensure all children and young people can have a positive experience of sport and activity.

Chaired by: Lisa O'Keefe, Executive Director of Insight, Sport England
Kate Nicholson, Head of Insight and Innovation, Women in Sport
Katherine Mathieson, Chief Exec, British Science Association
Sophie Newman, Teacher at Hartshill High School
Aaron Webb, Youth Worker, Central Swindon North Parish Council


16.40 Drinks reception sponsored by Youthsight 

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