How are media brands using research and data driven insight to maximise audience engagement, influence consumer choices, and drive attribution?

How effective are different advertising formats? When’s the best time to push branded content to consumers and on which platforms? Who’s watching what and on which device? What attracts consumers to different digital platforms? How can you produce content to engage a diverse audience?

These are the key questions that brands are keen to understand and the MRS Media Research Summit will showcase the latest media research to answer them. Join Twitter, BBC, Sky, Trinity Mirror, ITV, Auto Trader, Channel 4 and Radiocentre in this critical one day event.

Attend this event to:

  • Evaluate the latest technology and cultural trends that are shaping media habits in 2018 and beyond
  • Hear examples of great collaboration between media brands who are combining data to deliver broad behavioural insights on BVOD
  • Examine the role that different digital platforms have in fulfilling human need states
  • Discuss the importance and the challenges of ensuring diversity in advertising
  • Examine innovative behavioural and emotional techniques for measuring consumer responses to branded content films
  • Hear findings from new ethnographic, eye tracking based research which measures advertising ‘noticeability’ not just viewability

Radisson Blu Edwardian
9-13 Bloomsbury Street,London,WC1B 3QD

09.00 - Registration & coffee

09.30 - Opening comments from the Chair

Jane Ostler, Global Head of Media, Insights Division, Kantar


09.40 - Media, technology & cultural trends 2018

Mindshare Futures report examines the global technological and cultural changes that influence how people engage with media experiences. Based on consumer insights gathered from a mixed methodology approach, the report highlights five trends that will accelerate in 2018 and continue to resonate over the years ahead:

  • The growing use of image recognition for quicker and easier interactions
  • The increasing use of technology to help us discover, imagine and visualise
  • Seamless access and connectivity via new devices and improved infrastructure
  • Growing consumer consciousness around automation, contemplating convenience versus the loss of human interaction
  • Changing consumer attitudes and behaviour towards data

Sophie Harding, Trends & Insights Director, Mindshare


10.05 - Working in partnership to uncover broad insights into Broadcaster Video On Demand (BVOD) viewing behaviour 

Explore how Channel 4 and ITV combined their extensive first party data to deliver the most comprehensive exploration of BVOD viewing behaviours and its impact on advertising campaign effectiveness.

  • Collaborating to gain deeper insights into viewing behaviour and the advertising impact
  • Testing the hypothesis, does BVOD deliver incremental / premium effects in addition to linear?
  • Developing a ground-breaking multi-layered methodology incorporating multiple datasets to deliver a true understanding of the role of broadcaster BVOD
  • Revealing compelling evidence and debunking commonly held myths

Glenn Gowen, Head of Audiences, Commercial ITV

Martin Greenbank, Head of Advertising Research & Development - Consumer Insight, C4


10.30 - Tracking consumer usage of digital entertainment services

Sky’s digital tracker case study demonstrates how the world of behavioural and surveyed data can combine to great strategic effect.

  • Examining the unique properties of Sky’s digital tracker that have created a dynamic longitudinal approach to campaign measurement:
  • measuring incremental campaign contribution to business KPIs, cross platform reach and frequency, and delivering an ongoing assessment of key media partners and creative formats
  • Addressing issues related to data transparency in digital brand campaign measurement
  • Highlighting key outcomes for Sky

Alistair Hill, CEO On Device Research

Nigel Roth, On Device Research


10.55 - Morning refreshments


11.15 Panel: Optimising multichannel effectiveness for marketing campaigns

  • How to use multichannel marketing effectively to grow brands and avoid fragmentation
  • Examining how consumers experience multichannel campaigns and the importance of campaign connectivity
  • What ingredients does research indicate are essential for a successful multichannel campaign?

Chaired by:

Julia Ayling, Head of Research & Insights, Mindshare


Jane Ostler, Global Head of Media, Insights Division, Kantar
Andrew Tenzer, Head of Group Insight, Trinity Mirror
Stuart Bluck, Head of Research and Insight, Auto Trader UK


11.45 - Unconscious bias and the declining relevance of brands and advertising

In 2017, Trinity Mirror’s exploration of the declining relevance of brands and advertising revealed an industry increasingly out of touch with most consumers.

  • Examining the assertion that the marketing industry has a different ‘thinking style’ to the mass-market and the implications for brands
  • Uncovering psychological evidence which has profound implications for every aspect of the advertising, media and research industries
  • Demonstrating that building a greater understanding of ‘cognitive diversity’ and unconscious biases is essential in ensuring that advertisers and marketers fully connect with real people’s lives.

Ian Murray, Co-founder & Partner, House51

Andrew Tenzer, Head of Group Insight, Trinity Mirror


12.10 - Exploring the role different digital platforms have in fulfilling our needs

Hear about Twitter and Starcom’s exploration into the global digital landscape and investigation into people’s digital needs.

  • Outlining Twitter and Starcom’s partnership and research journey
  • exemplifying how different agents in media can work together for maximum impact across both their organisations
  • pooling resources and knowledge to innovate in methods and delivery
  • Examining the research findings relating to Twitter’s role in fulfilling needs
  • What impact has the research had internally across the organisation?
  • Discussing the approach for delivering the research creatively and embedding it at both Starcom and Twitter

Heather Dansie, Associate Insight Director, Starcom

Jessica Percival, Head of UK Research, Twitter


12.35 – Norstat, Sponsor of Media Research Summit

Rosie Ayoub, Managing Director, Norstat




13.45 -  Reflecting diversity in advertising

This session will discuss the importance of diversity in advertising and what this means for brands and market researchers:

  • Evidencing the importance of digging beneath stereotypes and considering what influences the decisions of “real” people in modern Britain
  • Evaluating how to address gender and examining the future of gender fluidity in advertising
  • Reflecting diversity: key recommendations for market research and brands

Jo Cliff, Managing Director, Platypus


14.10 - Is it time to re-evaluate media effectiveness?

Despite more data being available than ever before, Radiocentre’s latest research indicates that perceptions are influencing media planning decisions more than evidence.

  • Understanding which media attributes advertisers value most for brand-building campaigns
  • Comparing the performance of individual media by analysing published industry reports
  • Uncovering the difference between industry perception versus evidence
  • Determining the implications for brands

Donna Burns, Insight Manager, Radiocentre


14.35 - Campaigns in context: see the world through your customers’ eyes

  • Analysing people’s ‘take-aways’ from significant retail banking media campaigns of the last 12 months. Combining real-time experience data with cultural insights to deliver deeper insights into peoples’ perceptions of brands
  • Developing new metrics to classify campaigns according to what people take out; from deep seated cultural affinity that sticks through to more fleeting hedonic messaging
  • Examining the full variety of media touchpoints that affect peoples’ feelings about a brand
  • Considering how these touchpoints work together – or sometimes against each other.

Heval Ceylan-Gilchrist, MESH Experience

Andy Dexter, The Culturise Collaboration


15.00 - Afternoon refreshments


15.25 - Holistic insights into children’s media consumption

The BBC’s children’s cross media survey is a new project to measure children’s consumption across all BBC platforms.

  • Outlining the project aims and challenges
  • Examining the methodology and key consideration during the project set-up
  • Initial findings to date and assessing how they will inform the BBC’s future children’s content strategy.

Ryan Lewis, Senior Research Executive, BBC Children

Hannah Whyte-Smith, Director, Ipsos Mori


15.50 - Human Made Stories: measuring behavioural and emotional responses to branded content films

Human Made Stories was a series of branded content films which were integrated across Sky Atlantic as part of its channel partnership with Volvo. An extensive research project based on qualitative, quantitative and bespoke behavioural approaches, confirmed that it was Volvo’s most successful campaign to date; maximising engagement, positivity and purchase intent.

  • Increasing audience engagement with new creative and new platforms
  • Exploring the range of behavioural techniques used, including Galvanic Skin Response and a proprietary Behaviour Change Model
  • What emotional connections were delivered by ‘Human Made Stories’ and which content elements engaged viewers the most?
  • Evaluating how online content compliments the role of sponsorship.
  • Demonstrating an increase in their three key metrics; knowledge, recommendation & brand image

Shaun Austin, Head of Communicate, Future Thinking

David Ferryman, Insight Executive, Sky


16.15 - The attention economy: how much viewable digital advertising is actually noticed?

Over two years, 500 households, all equipped with laptop mounted eye tracking cameras, have been passively monitoring what people notice online and what they ignore. This has provided a unique insight into the amount of attention users give to online advertising. 

  • Moving from measurement of opportunities to view adverts, to recording attention given to adverts
  • Examining the impact of format, positioning and publisher on advert noticeability
  • Assessing the implications of this research for brands and online advertising strategies
  • identifying value and establishing price premiums based on actual attention given to adverts

Fiona Evans, Lumen Research

Patrick Smith, Digital Marketing Manager, British Gas


16.40 - Identifying critical moments to deliver appropriate content to Auto Trader’s users

Nowadays, car buyers have done extensive research online, across multiple devices, been influenced by several forms of advertising and turn up empowered and ready to buy. Auto Trader set out to record and analyse all interactions car buyers have across all media channels, from the moment they entered into the process, right up to the point of purchase to understand how best to support its readers.

  • Overview of a six month research project using mobile ethnography, online communities, in-depth interviews and online surveys to understand the end-to-end car buying journey
  • Identifying the key points of influence throughout the car buying journey and understanding how to optimise them
  • Uncovering a mismatch between brand and consumer sentiments through the journey
  • Examining the impact Auto Trader’s research has had on its brand, marketing and product strategies

Stuart Bluck, Head of Research and Insight, Auto Trader UK


17.05 - Closing remarks from the Chair


17:15 – Drinks Reception, sponsored by Norstat

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