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Growing from strength to strength, the &more Conference is back for a fifth year, with specially selected sessions focusing on innovative methods and essential skills. We’ll be shining a spotlight on the brilliant work young researchers do and equipping our attendees with useful knowledge, guidance, and techniques for their career trek.

Book online here (link) and join us online on 5th October to:

  • Learn how to ‘Be More Consultant’ as Christina Wyse (Client Development Director, Brand Potential) takes us through everyday actions that can set your inner consultant free.
  • Explore attitudes to Generative AI with Emma Morris (Global Counsel) through their qualitative and quantitative public research with audiences across the UK, US and Europe exploring familiarity, attitudes, perceived opportunities and concerns around generative AI.
  • Discover why ‘Shift Happens’ in The Guardian and Tapestry Research's session on how the nation is bouncing back post-Covid and how brands and advertisers can provide inspiration to help consumers lead a better life.
  • Understand how Consumer Psychology can be utilised to produce more insightful research results and equip new researchers with practical knowledge and tools that can enhance the depth and value of their work (Christina Tarbotton, Associate Director, Boxclever).
  • Find out how Sport England and Savanta’s innovative peer research approach resulted in more meaningful connections with young people, drove initiatives to reverse the decline in physical activity and equipped peer researchers with invaluable skills and experiences.

Plus, Maria Stonehouse (Opinium) will be exploring what we can do as early-career researchers to help improve social connectivity within our organisations and society. Mustard Research and the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority (LCRCA) will be taking us through the importance of inclusive language, and Luke Green (Blue Yonder) will be bringing in-the-moment technology to life through the case study of a Fibromyalgia sufferer’s symptom experience.

The conference will close with the Sustainability Hour. First up, a team of young researchers and Directors from The Nursery will be giving views across four sectors (Health, Leisure, Automotive and Retail) on the challenges and complexities of sustainability in the industry. How can we balance our current lives with future consequences? Are there any acceptable compromises?

Then we’ll be rounding off the day with the Young Person’s Sustainability Collective’s ‘Hot Seat’ interview, covering the role market research plays in relation to sustainability, young researchers’ role within that, and words of wisdom and inspiration for those in the industry who want to make a difference.

Once again, we’ll be hosting this conference online, to maximise flexibility and make sure you have time to see all the sessions. If you miss something on the day, you’ll be able to catch up on demand after the conference.

All our virtual events are totally interactive, with easy online networking:

  • Connect with other delegates through private chat
  • Schedule video meetings with up to four other participants
  • Enjoy live curated Q&A after every session with speakers
  • Take a chance on speed networking as we connect you at random with other delegates

Set your career compass and map out your professional path with the &more Virtual Conference, the only MRS conference designed for early and mid-career research and insight professionals and those stepping up to senior roles.

*Please note, this event is exclusively for members of &more, the MRS young researchers’ network. Each booking reserves one place for you only – it is not possible to do multiple bookings online. If you have colleagues who meet the &more criteria (under 30 or within the first 5 years of their research career) who are not yet &more members, they can join the network first here https://www.mrs.org.uk/andmore#page-7432  and then book onto the event. If you have any queries, please email conference@mrs.org.uk

09.15 Welcome from the Chairs

LaShanda Seaman, Qualitative Senior Research Manager, Opinium and &more Leadership Team
Carolina Starkhammar, Principal, Incite and &more Leadership Team

09.25 – Consumer Psychology 101: Understanding your Participants

Christina Tarbotton, Associate Director at Boxclever, has partnered with Lancaster University to revisit 4 fundamental psychological principles that regularly influence consumer decision making, and how they can be utilized to produce more insightful research results.

  • Choice paralysis, or consumer hyperchoice
  • The Elaboration Likelihood Model, and use of heuristics
  • The Framing Effect
  • Cognitive Dissonance 

Christina will define and explain each of the above, drawing upon relevant research studies along the way, and putting everything into the research world context. Christina will give examples of how working with these psychological principles can add an extra layer of depth to result findings and equip new researchers with practical knowledge and tools that can enhance the depth and value of their work.

Christina Tarbotton, Associate Director Box Clever


09.55 - Reframing Physical Activity Research: Peer Research Approach by Sport England and Savanta

Join Sport England and Savanta in this session as they present an innovative peer research project aimed at investigating the decline in physical activity among young individuals.

By employing a forward-thinking approach with peer researchers mirroring participants' demographics, including age, ethnicity, gender, and socio-economic group, the project gained authentic insights into the challenges faced by minority ethnic backgrounds, lower-income groups, and individuals with disabilities. Discover how this approach led to more meaningful connections with young people, sparking change, and driving initiatives to reverse the decline in physical activity, while also equipping peer researchers with invaluable skills and experiences.

Anita Pavic, Senior Consultant, Savanta
Nilen Bhatt, Senior Research and Evaluation Manager, Sport England


10.25 - Our disconnected society and the importance of reconnecting

Research into social connectivity has proved that poor mental health is on the rise amongst young people and is quickly becoming the most pressing endemic of our time With the expanse of technology, the growth of capitalism and uncertainty about our futures (economically, personally and existentially), we have become disconnected from each other and ourselves, leading to what is being regarded as an endemic of loneliness and accelerating issues in mental health. . In short, young people are becoming disconnected from themselves, each other and to society as a whole.

This session will cover and examine the ways we as a society can re-connect with what it means to be human, referring to research from journalists, lecturers and mental health charities to highlight the key trends around poor mental health in young people and will explore what we can do as early-career researchers to help improve social connectivity within our organisations and society more widely.

How can we use the advancements in today’s technology and today’s economic structures to reconnect with each other, and why is this important for the future of society?

Maria Stonehouse, Research Manager, Opinium


10.55 Break


11.15 – The importance of inclusive language 

As part of the process to design the next Local Transport Plan for the Liverpool City Region (LCR), the LCR Combined Authority commissioned Mustard Research to undertake research to test and further develop the draft Vision and Goals. In this case study we look at how a mixed method research project, using a unique linguistic tool, not only had a lasting impact on the policy work it was intended for, but also wider practices within the client-side organisation and the agency who undertook the research.

Morag Edwards-Price, Research Project Lead, Liverpool City Region Combined Authority (LCRCA)
Anthony Shephard-Williams, Director, Mustard Research


11.45- Shift Happens: Why the smaller picture is big news

The Guardian and Tapestry Research's latest research tells a story of hope, resilience and optimism following the events of the last few years. They have taken their toll on the nation, but we are a nation of self-improvers: after a long period of instability and insecurity, we’re taking responsibility for our own happiness: finding joy in the small, everyday moments.

In this presentation, the Guardian and Tapestry will take you through the key findings from the research, demonstrating how UK consumers are navigating life, finding fulfilment and joy in these extraordinary times, and the unexpected micro-moments that help them to live well.

This paper will reveal:

  • how we used segmentation analysis to identify the underlying ways that people live well, and the unexpected micro-moments that help people to find joy in life
  • the shifts people are making towards a more mindful lifestyle, cherishing special moments and prioritising wellbeing in the face of rising costs and stress
  • how brands can help consumers to lead better lives
  • how the Guardian are using insights from this research to tap into people’s opinions on the important issues in the world, and to inspire brands and advertisers to provide inspiration to help consumers lead a better life

Victoria Stockbridge, Research Manager at Tapestry Research

Francesca Bender, Insight Manager, The Guardian


12.15 Lunch


13.15- Be More Consultant. (No MBA required!)

The industry we work in is changing. Increasingly, research agencies are looking to build consultancy credentials to drive growth and to enhance credibility, reputation and the value they deliver to clients. So what does that mean for researchers who’ve been building careers in research and insights – rather than consultancy?

We believe you don’t have to have “strategy” or “consultant” in your job title to demonstrate and be known for these golden skills. In this session we’ll debate what clients and agencies believe the critical differences are between researcher and consultant. We’ll share 10 tips from Brand Potential and our clients on how to Be More Consultant, specifically for early and mid-career research and insight professionals. No MBA required (unless you fancy it!), just recommendations for everyday actions that can set your inner consultant free, moving your career – and the industry – forward.

Christina Wyse, Client Development Director, Brand Potential 


1.45- Utilising in the moment technology to gain insights into the experience of living with Fibromyalgia

Life with Fibromyalgia, like many other conditions, can feel incredibly frustrating. Treatment plans rely on pain management. Symptoms experience has a heavy reliance on memory recall and pain diaries. But we know human memory is inaccurate and diaries are difficult to complete as people go about their normal lives. Enter Clickscape.

Our in-the-moment technology uncovers a new understanding of symptom experience – with a simple click of a button to capture moments, as and when they happen.

Brought to life with a case study of a Fibromyalgia sufferer, Clickscape can act as a figurative crutch to help understand symptom experience.

Join Luke from Blue Yonder Research to listen to the power of Clickscape in this poignant case study.

Luke Green, Graduate Innovation Executive, Blue Yonder Research

2.15pm -
Understanding attitudes and concerns related to Generative AI

Politicians, business leaders, regulators and the public are confronted with daunting questions and challenges when it comes to generative artificial intelligence. This case study will illustrate the perceptions of the use of generative AI in the financial services and healthcare sectors, including what is known and understood about generative AI, what people see as the benefits, opportunities, risks and concerns, and their attitudes towards regulation. The research involves qualitative, quantitative and deliberative research across UK, EU and US audiences.

A Citizens’ Jury and a nationally representative quantitative survey identify public perceptions, while opinion former interviews with policymakers and policy influencers explore the expectations of key decision makers around the regulation of generative AI.

Emma Morris, Associate, Global Counsel

2.45pm   Break

Sustainability across sectors: discussing what people forgive and what they don’t

People, regardless of age, increasingly care about sustainability in business and are holding them accountable more and more.

The Nursery’s cross-sector experience has uncovered some interesting complexities and compromises. Expectations are high but people are more forgiving of certain sector’s sustainability shortfalls than others. There are also unsustainable behaviours people are unwilling to give up themselves.

Join our panel, with views across four sectors – Health, Leisure, Automotive and Retail – covering topics and challenges that these industries face, including:

  • Balancing life with future consequences
  • Acceptable and unacceptable compromises
  • Surprising cross-sector comparisons
  • Implications for researching sustainability.


Zara Marouf, Senior Research Executive,
Tasleem Rehmatullah, Health Account Director
Sarah Chalkley, Associate Director
Razia Hussain, Research Executive
The Nursery Research & Planning


15.35- MRS &More Young Person’s Sustainability Collective – In the Hot Seat

The YPSC are bringing their ‘in the hot seat’ series to life with an interview with founding partner of Citizen Good, Caroline Bates! The discussion will cover topics such as the role market research plays in relation to sustainability, young researchers’ role within that, and words of wisdom for people in the industry who want to make a difference but don’t feel like they currently can. The YPSC aims to enable young people to make sustainable moves by giving actionable information and guidance, and the session is sure to provide inspiration for those hoping to make a difference.

Young Person’s Sustainability Council Members:
Lisa Mai, Account Director, Strategy & Insight at Headland Consultancy
Caroline Camm, Senior Consultant, The Value Engineers

In the Hot Seat:
Caroline Bates, Founding Partner, Citizen Good


16.05 Closing remarks from the Chairs

16.15 Conference Close

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