Form a team of 3 colleagues to pit your wits against other bright sparks in the research sector for your chance to win the &more Research Team Challenge trophy plus £150 of Amazon vouchers.

Be the UK’s sharpest young team for 2018

Do you think you could develop a multi-stage market research project to successfully launch a new brand? Could you do it quicker and better than your rivals?   

The Research Team Challenge pits 10 top teams against each other using microlaunch online’. Three-person teams of under-30s apply their research skills to design a 6-stage qual and quant programme online and launch a new brand. The challenge will be mentored by the simulation’s designer, Mike Roe, who will award the winning prize.

Cost: £200 per team of 3

Last year winners Edelman Intelligence stormed ahead to take the coveted trophy and made their media debut in Research Live 

Why participate? For the teamwork, for the game and for the glory! And to network with other young researchers.

* more than one team from the same organisation can participate.

The Game:

  • Microlaunch online – the world’s first online research game
  • The simulation will last an hour (computers and software provided by MRS)
  • Mike Roe, the game’s designer, will explain the rules and adjudicate

The Rules:

  • Teams of 3 per entry from the same organisation*
  • Drinks from 6pm, challenge begins at 6.45pm sharp
  • All team members must be signed up to &more

To book: Email your team name, plus names and email addresses of all 3 team members to


The Old Trading House, 15 Northburgh Street,London,EC1V 0JR

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