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Celebrating the success of young researchers over the past year with fascinating case studies, innovative new methodologies and skills sessions.

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  • Explore the lived experiences of young people from ethnic minority backgrounds during the pandemic with Versiti’s peer-led research
  • Uncover how brands can help bridge the intention and action gap to better tackle sustainability with the7stars and Global Media Group Services
  • Design better and more exciting questionnaires, with a range of innovative techniques from Boxclever.
  • Learn six business outcomes where social media insight can help, with examples from real-life case studies from Hannah Hargreaves (Listen & Learn Research)
  • Develop the ability to ‘fail successfully’, rather than successfully fail, with top tips from Amanda Hammond (Opinium)
  • Equip yourself with guidance on how to use behavioural science responsibly from Walnut Unlimited

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09.30 Opening comments from the Chair

Jennifer Perry, Managing Director, respondi & Trustee at the MRBA & MRS

09.40 Case Study
Sustainable now: How brands can play a role in turning consumers' climate change goals into reality
Described as ‘the defining issue of our time’ by the United Nations, society is at a critical crossroad between its climate crisis awareness and its desire to do something about it. The UK population considers climate change to be of paramount importance, second only to the coronavirus pandemic. Yet, whilst concern has increased dramatically, people often falter at the point of action, with few feeling they are doing all they should or could be. To understand how brands can help bridge this intention and action gap, Isabella and Carla will be taking us through three key areas: Creating urgency, bringing it home and making it easy.
Isabella O’Duffy, Insight Manager, the7stars
Carla Madden, Senior Commercial Insight Manager, Global


10.10 Case study
Spirit of the time
What is the role of alcohol and drugs in young people’s lives in our post-pandemic world? Are 18–34-year-olds as healthy as we’re made to believe? Are we consuming less stimulants than previous generations? In this study, Bump Agency explore a snapshot of drinking habits and preferences around alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Using a mixed methods approach, the team from Bump explore 18 – 34 year olds’ attitudes towards drugs, alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks.
Robbie Murch, Founder, Bump Agency
Ed Lloyd, Researcher, Bump Agency
Jack Keelan, Researcher & Copywriter, Bump Agency


10.40 Case study
Real Tech for Real People: How a simple button can deliver a great respondent experience and some ground-breaking data
Blue Yonder's patented new technology, Clickscape, gives us a simple mechanic to explore all the little moments that matter in a day through the simple act of clicking; thoughts, feelings, symptoms - anything! Hannah will share some of our pioneering findings, delivering insight that only Clickscape can bring: how many times do we really think about sex a day? How does being constantly connected to our phones really make us feel? As well as first-hand learnings on bringing a new innovation to market successfully and into the hands of real people in the real world, Hannah will share the journey of turning clicks into an impactful metric for research.
Hannah Kirk, Senior Innovation Executive, Blue Yonder



11.30 Case study
Crave: understanding deep motivations through signals in data
What turns on that switch, possessing you to transport from your couch to Taco Bell at 10pm? In this session, learn about "Crave”, a project focused on understanding the fascinating world of American snackers. Participants in this study revealed their “dirty little snacking secrets”, as we followed them through a journey of their cravings. Hear about the voids people fill by snacking, and the various facets of their emotional experiences, with findings illuminated by AI and linguistic analysis. Nuanced signals behind rich textual responses, underscored that the dilemma – “to eat or not to eat” – is actually a complex decision-making process. What's more, there is a range of motivations behind snacking, distinct cohorts of snackers (derived from AI), and certain keys to attaining "crave-ability".
Mallika Acharya, Senior Experience Executive, Mesh Experience


12.00 Case study
Acceptance beyond tolerance: Measuring Britons’ attitudes towards LGBTQ+ people and issues
Visibility of LGBTQ+ people has probably never been higher. But there are still certain issues where a once-latent lack of acceptance seems to flare up. To get to the bottom of this, Richard Matousek and colleagues at Kantar devised a short, general population survey to ask to Kantar’s new random probability panel.
Initial questions put participants in scenarios, asking how comfortable they felt with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people as their neighbour, manager, GP, Prime Minister and (for parents) child’s teacher.
They then asked about views towards LGBT-inclusive lessons in schools (at ages 6 and 12) and conversion therapy. This session will explore these results, which question how far tolerance extends and the extent to which it will keep progressing over time.
Richard Matousek, Senior Research Executive, Kantar


12.30 Case study
Research ‘with’, ‘by’ and ‘for’ ethnic minority young people: Lessons from a study into ethnic inequalities in youth employment during COVID-19
COVID-19 created acute employment challenges and widened ethnic inequalities. This project sought to explore the lived experiences of young people (16-25) from ethnic minority backgrounds during the pandemic, whilst working with diverse young researchers. Versiti spent two weeks with 70 ethnically-diverse young people in an online community – discussing the impacts of COVID on their employment, education, health, family and social lives. Their peer-led research approach built trust and confidence to share complex issues in an organic way. The case study will outline the research process and the holistic help young people would need for employment during and after the pandemic.
Lucas Rehman, Freelance Researcher, Versiti
Amarah Khan, Freelance Researcher, Versiti
Cynthia Ko, Qualitative research executive at Versiti

13.00 Lunch


13.45 Skills session
Surviving or thriving? Mastering the new world of work
Working from home: a liberating opportunity to work as you want, or a solitary struggle that you find hard to navigate? This session combines a 20-minute panel discussion with young researchers covering career progression, training, relationship-building, camaraderie, and mental wellbeing in a remote-working world, followed by key take-away tips to help you thrive in a remote or hybrid workplace.
Session chair: Sinéad Jefferies, Vela
Panel participants:
Sophie Holland, Research Manager and Wellbeing Lead, Opinium
Adam Mills, Brand Strategy and Planning Insight Manager at BT
Rosie Kidd, Research Executive, Ipsos UU


14.15 Skills session
Easy ways to add value to a questionnaire
In the first few years of being a researcher, questionnaire design can be quite daunting – trying to make sure you cover all of the objectives, and in pursuit of that sometimes you can end up with a questionnaire that is loaded with basic agreement statements and KPIs. Whilst this is great and gives the client all the information they have asked for, there is a lot of opportunity to explore minor add-ons to add a little bit of colour for clients - something they might not have thought of that paints the insight in a slightly more exciting way than the standard set of numbers on a chart. In this presentation, the team from Boxclever will run through some minor tweaks that can be added to basic questionnaires that showcase your research ability to be innovative and go the extra mile. Examples include:

  • Heat mapping
  • Behavioural change curve
  • Timed response
  • Flash test

For each of these, the team at Boxclever will explain how each technique works, what it’s good for, and an example of how it can be used effectively to show a client something new!
Christina Tarbotton, Insight Manager, Boxclever Charlotte Hodgson, Insight Manager, Boxclever


14.45 Skills session
Why you should be excited about social media insight
Social media insight is one of the most exciting new methodologies for learning about consumers. Its value is simple: people don’t talk to researchers the way they talk to each other. However, many researchers still don’t know what it can do or when to use it.
Join this session to find out…

  • What social media insight is and how it’s evolving
  • Why you need to get qualitative with your social data analysis
  • The six business outcomes that social insight can help with, with real-life case studies of each one

Join this session to get excited about a methodology that is still unfamiliar to many, with tangible examples of when and how you can use it.
Hannah Hargreaves, Research Manager, Listen & Learn Research

15.15 Break


15.30 Skills session
Behavioural science, the right way: why young researchers need to embrace behavioural science now
Our industry’s main purpose is to inform decision-making and guide the choices of others, so why is behavioural science so frequently overlooked? Many organisations are looking for guidance on how to use behavioural science responsibly. Researchers need to stay ethically minded in their application of behavioural techniques, supporting the goal of encouraging consumers to select an option most suitable for them, whilst ensuring that free choice is uncompromised.
In this showcase, we call on young researchers to equip themselves with behavioural science knowledge that keeps them conscious and conscientious. Using examples of behavioural science in action, we’ll signpost where more care should have been taken to uphold ethical values and demonstrate that appreciation for the role of behavioural science is now an industry-wide imperative.
Alex Baines, Senior Research Executive, Walnut Unlimited
Becky Miles, Research Director, Walnut Unlimited


16.00 Skills session
The F-word
Failure. We’ve all been there. Whether it’s a small mistake or a big defeat. But it is not the act of failing that should matter, it is how you recover from those ‘failures’ that should be more important. This session will provide you with some top tips on how to fail successfully (rather than successfully fail) from someone who has done so many times in her life so far, and why embracing failure needs to be talked about from the top down so we can all achieve better outcomes.
Amanda Hammond, Research Executive, Opinium


16.30 Closing remarks from the Chair
Jennifer Perry, Managing Director, respondi & Trustee at the MRBA & MRS


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