Behavioural science has grown in influence over the past decade, with an increasing number of agencies incorporating insights and approaches into their qualitative research offer. But when it comes to using behavioural science in quantitative research there’s still huge untapped potential. In our final professional webinar of 2023, Chris Harvey from Activate Research shares powerful real-life case studies, theory and tools to show how you can make the most of this growing area.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to use behaviour change models such as COM-B to help facilitate a deep, yet broad, understanding of current behavioural influences - as well as barriers to change
  • How behavioural economics can help us embrace human complexity through the direct identification of influential heuristics (rules of thumb) and cognitive biases (systematic errors in decision making)
  • How models of personality such as OCEAN can help us collect and analyse trait information to better explain and predict behaviour across situations
  • How to start applying new quantitative approaches immediately – without need for any initial investment

How can you incorporate insights and approaches from behavioural science specifically into quantitative research? It’s clear there’s a huge opportunity for clients and market research agencies to improve their ability to understand, predict, and influence key stakeholder behaviour this way.

Chris Harvey from Activate Research provides you with the theory as well as the tools to do this - providing both the rationale for “why?”, but crucially also the “how to?”.

He examines behaviour change models in detail, before looking at behavioural economic approaches and then personality trait insights. Everything Chris describes complements existing quantitative research techniques and data collection methods. That means you needn’t make any significant initial investment to put any of these approaches into practice. 

Chris Harvey is the Founder of Activate Research. He holds an MSc (Distinction) in Behavioural Science and has 15 years’ experience working in the research industry. Activate Research inspires change and drives growth through enabling a deeper understanding of how people think and why they behave as they do. It adds complementary insights and approaches from behavioural science (and psychology more broadly) to agencies’ research offer. This enables end clients to better understand, predict and influence target audience behaviour. Chris’ webinar provides highlights from his 35-page guide, Applications of Behavioural Science to Quantitative Market Research, available on his website.

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