Marketers are storytellers, they write content, marketing strategies and devise internal communications, but unless these stories are evidence-based, they won't be believable or truly persuasive.  Through credible evidence-based points of view marketers can create stories that both stand out from the crowd and stand up to scrutiny.

Although evidence-based storytelling is an essential part of the modern marketer’s skill set, there remains a significant skills gap in the function, limiting the quality of synthesis, interpretation, and insight communication.  And with not enough insight expertise to go around, the ability to extract the right stories from vast and varied data sets, to build robust narratives and create compelling evidence-led content, is further diminished.

In this insightful webinar, Caroline Florence – Founder and Director of Insight Narrator – argues that data storytelling can be used as a strategic communication tool that leads to real influence on decisions and actions.  She argues that we need to stop the fixation with improving the reporting of the data and focus on the core data storytelling skills that lead to real transformation in the hearts and minds of the audience.  

What you’ll learn

  • What are the most valuable and in-demand data storytelling skills (and why AI won’t be able to do it for you!)
  • Why ‘meta-stories’ matter and the importance of synthesising market research with other data sets
  • How the insight sector needs to support marketing colleagues to ‘self-serve’ through greater collaboration and an end to the project mindset

Sharing insights from her new book ‘Data Storytelling in Marketing: How to tell persuasive stories through data’, Caroline will draw on expert interviews to argue that research and insight professionals need to do more if they are to leverage the opportunity to help organisations cut through the noise and create the data stories that matter.

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