Online qual has seen massive growth, with strategic insight now regularly delivered using digital only or hybrid approaches. Andy Dexter and Anna Williams explain how four major brands have started to adopt these advanced approaches, showing the potential for fusing semiotics, social intelligence, AI and primary digital research to deliver additional depth and context at scale.

What you’ll learn:

  • How blending primary research with AI-based semiotics and social intelligence tools can add depth and content
  • How to measure and map meaning from vast amounts of unstructured data
  • The value of ‘humanising’ tech outputs to refine, and add clarity and context
  • Applications of semiotics and social intelligence across brand, innovation, and customer experience projects

Over the last few years, online qual has skyrocketed, and not only for fast turnaround evaluative projects - it’s becoming the norm for strategic insight to be delivered using digital only or hybrid approaches.

One trend driving this change is the ability to integrate AI-based analysis of huge unstructured data sets to the research process. This delivers sophisticated insight, without an exorbitant cost or compromising on timescales.

In July’s webinar, Andy Dexter and Anna Williams cover how four major brands have started to adopt these advanced approaches:

  • De Beers Jewellers reviewed brand codes using primary consumer insight blended with AI-powered semiotics. By mapping the visual language of over 15,000 Instagram posts with research in key markets, it identified how to improve engagement in its most important brand territories
  • Innocent Drinks combined online community research alongside semiotic analysis of multiple cultural data sources (including advertising, pack visuals and social media). This meant being able to pinpoint key emotional connections between consumers and brands in its juice category to aid product and comms development
  • The John Lewis Partnership used online community research as part of a strategic revaluation of its brand and wider proposition. Deep-dive community projects and digital immersion sessions preceded the use of AI-based semiotics to decode semantic meaning of brand

Speakers: Andy Dexter, Non-Executive Director, Verve (and Founder, Signoi); and Anna Williams, Executive Director, Verve

Andy Dexter is an ideas person, entrepreneur and senior advisor in the world of marketing, insight, and strategy. He is a Co-Founder at Signoi, a digital business harnessing machine learning and AI for insight and foresight, and a Non-Executive Director at Verve. Andy is also a multiple award winner for agency work, conference presentations and research papers.

Anna Williams is Lead Qualitative and Co-creation Director at Verve, responsible for programme delivery and insight generation. She has over 12 years' experience across marketing, strategy consultancy and market research and is an established expert in the field of co-creation and development research.

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