The bestselling book Market Research in Practice has established itself as a go-to introduction for researchers and marketers. Delivering an overview of the whole process of market research, it offers clear steps to manage projects and obtain the most reliable results. Join February’s Professional Webinar as the author, Paul Hague, shares valuable insights, tips and advice from this updated fourth edition.

What you’ll learn: 

  • A succinct introduction to market research
  • How to effectively obtain the most reliable results
  • Real-world examples from companies including Adidas, Marks and Spencer, Grohe, and General Motors
  • How the market research industry has adapted to change

February’s Professional Webinar is an unmissable walkthrough of the fourth edition of Market Research in Practice (An Introduction to Gaining Greater Market Insight) by Paul Hague. Just as in the bestselling book, the session explores the fundamentals of market research and is packed with tips and advice.

The author shares practical experience gained in running a successful market research agency, and offer clear steps to manage market research projects and obtain the most reliable results.

The book on which this webinar is based has been fully updated to capture the latest changes and developments in the field, including GDPR. It explores the rise of ethnography as a market research tool and the use of online methods for quick and efficient surveys. This session is particularly relevant to students of research methods, researchers, marketers and any practitioner using market research.

Speaker: Paul Hague, author, Market Research in Practice

Paul Hague is the founder of Business and Market Research Ltd and B2B International Ltd, with clients including some of the largest corporations in Europe, Asia, and the US. He is the author of a dozen books on market research, as well as books on customer experience and business models, which share over 40 years of practical experience in running a successful market research agency. His titles include B2B Customer Experience (2018) and The Business Models Handbook (2019), also published by Kogan Page. Paul Hague is based in Manchester.

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