Join us for a discussion based forum on Media Effectiveness, Web Attribution, Hybrid Segmentation and Consumer Confidence. 

We invite you to join the winner and finalists of the 2021 MRS Award for Innovation in Data Analytics for a panel event chaired by ADA network committee members Karsten Shaw and Tom Morgan.

Our celebrated guests will present their innovative case studies and this will be followed by an interactive panel discussion surrounding how analysts can weave different sources together to tell stories. Some have done this by joining record to record, others through modelling and others through story-telling and analysis. The discussion will explore the practicalities of each of these approaches for analysts across the wide range of budgets and data available.

Direct Web Attribution
Aliya Paracha, Insight Controller

Sky Media
Aliya will present their winning case study on their Deterministic Web Attribution - a measurement capability that enables advertisers to successfully measure the effectiveness of TV campaigns by linking exposure data to web visits.

This solution involves directly matching the visitor to a Sky Household; by leveraging Sky’s 500k viewing panel and following their journey on the website all the way through the purchase funnel to establish how many went on to take an action (e.g. purchase a product, apply for loan, book at test drive etc). With this model advertisers can now confidently measure whether their advertising works, and to what extent and truly quantity the value of TV.

A new KPI for media effectiveness: Reality Performance Score (RPS)
Lisette Kruizinga-de Vries,  Teamlead Science & Analytics

DVJ Insights
Lisette will present their solution to the many shortcomings around using media expenditures in analyses. They developed a new KPI for determining media effectiveness; the Reality Performance Score (RPS). Lisette will explain how they compute the RPS.

RPS represents the real number of contacts that brands have with consumers. The RPS takes into account the following: it weighs each media based upon the opportunity people have to get exposed to a medium and thus notice ads, it takes into account decay effects, and it contains the possibility to take into account the strength of the creative. Lisette will subsequently tell how they validated this metric and for which applications it can be used and how it can be used in analyses.

From Concierge to CEO: A hybrid approach to segmentation that brings ‘guest missions’ to life
Lucy Spooner, Client Director

Realise Unlimited 
As data consultants for Warner Leisure, Realise Unlimited recognised the virtue of bringing together advanced data analytics with market research – two functions that are famously siloed across brands globally. By bringing together these functions, Warner’s rich behavioural data could be harmoniously combined with market research insights that supplied the coveted ‘why’ behind these behaviours. A new, innovative hybrid segmentation approach which delivered “guest missions” to fulfil Warner’s desire for integrated insights and enable personalised marketing.

Using 3rd party data to measure consumer confidence
Andrzej Moyseowicz, Innovation and Analytics Director
Freemavens leverage data from Social, Search and other 3rd party sources to better understand consumer behaviours for their clients. Taking innovative approaches in analysing such data has always been at the heart of their work, whether this comes through as volumetric, text or other formats. Andrzej will detail how they built a new consumer confidence index (CCI), one which is measured against multiple variables and is devoid from any cognitive bias.

This MRS professional webinar is being hosted by the ADA (Advanced Data Analytics) Network. This is a specialist group for advanced practitioners to meet, identify, develop and disseminate research industry best practice in the area of advanced analytics.



Tom, Director of Analytics at Tapestry, specialises in creative application of complex statistical analysis to deliver usable insights. Previously at Mindshare, his 15 years in the industry have been focused on applying both stats and his background in psychology to marketing problems.
Tom tends to work on more complex studies with open or difficult briefs requiring detailed or atypical modelling/analysis. Also leads the data team, learning new techniques that can then be applied more generally. His key clients have been Facebook, BBC, USAGM, ViacomCBS.
With a background in academic psychology, Tom started his career at media agency MindShare. Moving from research to analysis, he was soon running segmentations and analysis for clients such as Rolex, Diesel, JLR and Zurich. He joined Tapestry in 2017 to build and lead the data and analytics department, now 7 strong. He also finished top of his class in his Masters and was recently named as one of the best amateur actors in London, but doesn’t like to brag.
Insight Controller at Sky Media
Leader in data & insight and over 15 years of multi-sector experience. I have been leading teams and identifying growth opportunities powered by data and analytics to drive business success. My current role within Sky Media involves looking at attribution across all Platforms such as AdSmart, Linear TV, VOD (Video on Demand), Digital Short Form

Lisette joined DVJ Insights in February 2019. She is Team lead of the Science & Analytics team. Her team focuses on innovation within DVJ, is responsible for conducting meta-analyses to learn, writing articles, and supporting research and consultancy in more complex analyses. Lisette is also responsible for the quantitative part of the yearly Brand Growth study. She enjoys improving everything we do at DVJ on a continuous basis.
Lisette has an academic background. She obtained her PhD in marketing at the University of Groningen. Afterwards she worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Münster (Germany). Her research mainly focused on the impact of social media on consumers and firms. Articles are published in among others Journal of Marketing, Journal of Interactive Marketing, and Journal of Service Research.
In her spare time Lisette likes to go cycling, do sports at the fitness centre, go to the beach and spend time with her family and friends. Lisette lives in Haarlem with her husband and two daughters.

Andrzej co-founded the next gen insights consultancy Freemavens in 2013.
Freemavens works with multinational businesses like GSK, L’Oréal, Pernod Ricard & Unilever to deliver insights around consumer tribes and market tides as well as running a super agile and provocative 18-week insight transformation programme. He is passionate about humanising data and analytics to inspire greater creativity and business impact.

Lucy is a client Director at the data analytics consultancy, Realise Unlimited, she has a background in Statistics and Marketing and has over 20 years’ experience in helping organisations make better business decisions from analytics and research. Lucy is very focused on understanding the customer through the use of insight and how that can lead to developing a customer strategy.

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