The MRS Unlimited team are running a series of events where we invite speakers who conduct research with disabled people and people living with health conditions or other access needs. They share their considerations and practices when conducting disability-inclusive research to help ensure a high-quality outcome and experience for all involved.

Join us on Monday 25th March when Abigail Plank, Research Manager at 2CV, will share key learnings about how to make research as inclusive as possible – drawing on experience of running multiple projects with blind and partially sighted people. This session will particularly focus on key learnings from the Inclusive Journeys research with RNIB – a project exploring the experiences of blind and partially sighted people on public transport across the UK.

Q & A

Abigail Plank, Research Manager, 2CV
Harriet Bird, Senior Insight Analyst, RNIB

Abigail Plank, Research Manager, 2CV

Abigail is an experienced qualitative researcher in 2CV’s Social Practice - partnering with a wide range of public sector clients to explore complex social issues. Her background in digital research methods means that she has expertise in running auto-ethnography and online communities and complements this with traditional qualitative methods by moderating depth interviews, focus groups, co-creation workshops and accompanied journeys. Abigail has been at the forefront of making 2CV’s research methods as inclusive and accessible as possible – working with clients like Great Western Railway, Heathrow Airport, RNIB and Transport for London to develop the most accessible methods for people living with physical, visual or hidden impairments.

Harriet Bird, Senior Research Officer, RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People)

Harriet has been working in research for over five years, specialising in the experiences of people living with disabilities. Harriet is a Senior Research Officer in RNIB's Research and Insights team - undertaking a range of research activities to keep track of the facts, statistics and trends about sight loss, and developing an authentic understanding of the lived experience of blind and partially sighted people. With a background in Clinical Psychology, Harriet is passionate about making research accessible for all and giving voices to those who are often overlooked and unheard from. 

Webinar Host

Kathryn Hall, True Insights

Kathryn is the Founding Director of True Insights. Kathryn has made a significant and award-winning contribution to research across multiple sectors for over 25 years. She is best known for her work helping charities and other organisations including broadcasters reach, connect, engage, and create a sense of belonging for Seldom Heard Audiences.

Kathryn has published research on the representation and portrayal of marginalised groups including those with disabilities on TV. She has presented a disruptive innovation (creative thinking) seminar at an Institute of Fundraising Conference and a published paper related to charities at an MRS Annual Conference.

Kathryn has an early-stage certification in counselling and is recognised for her ability to design and execute research with Seldom-Heard Audiences. Kathryn is a Certified Member of the Market Research Society and an MRS Mentor.

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