The anti-racism demonstrations seen around the world in 2020 have revitalised the debate about what businesses can do to support the campaign against racism. This webinar presents the findings of an extensive survey conducted by Kantar across the UK and US into what brands need to understand better and take more action on.

Speaker: Dionne Aiken, Chief Marketing Officer, Kantar Profiles Division

What you’ll learn:

  • Consumers’ feelings about how well brands are communicating to them
  • How your audiences want to be communicated to and referred to
  • The importance of authenticity and why striking the right balance is vital in the purchase decision-making process
  • How to get it right with research, both to educate yourself and your industry

The events of 2020 that led to the growth of the Black Lives Matters movement have put a global spotlight on the importance of racial equality and the pressing need to fight racism. They have sparked a global outcry against continued injustices, as well as revitalising the debate on personal and corporate responsibility – all of which needs to be undertaken in a visibly progressive manner that leads to actionable outputs. This in turn has forced businesses and individuals to pause, reflect and consider what measures they need to take.

In this context, Kantar asked Black consumers if brands need to do more research with people of colour to better understand their unique needs. They answered emphatically “yes”.

This webinar explores the findings of the extensive survey carried out by Kantar with over 2,000 respondents across the UK and US to gauge progress and identify opportunities for brands to do better.

Dionne Aiken brings 20 years of award-winning, industry-beating experience to her role as Chief Marketing Officer for Kantar’s Profiles.
Specialising in the technology industry, she has an impressive track record of growing profits through cutting-edge marketing and lead generation strategies. Throughout her career, she has consistently been at the forefront of customer, digital and awareness marketing.
Dionne is passionate about leading in an inclusive way to ensure diversity is celebrated. At Kantar, she plays a strong role in the UK Inclusion and Diversity committee, educating and promoting on the importance of making it possible for everyone to bring their true self to the workplace.

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