Living through 2020 has left many of us reflecting on our work and life, and potentially resetting them. This webinar shows how discovering your own unique work-life Mission and unleashing your hidden Superpowers will make you happier and more productive.

What you’ll learn:

  • A mix of scientific theory and practical tools to help you achieve a happier and more productive work-life blend
  • The field of positive psychology and Seligman’s work on ‘flourishing’
  • Life-changing insights from the theory of Valued Living and practical tools for finding your own mission and purpose
  • How to identify and work with your true strengths through an exploration of Strengths Theory

Drawing from the field of Positive Psychology, this webinar explores the modern science that shows us how uncovering what we really value in life and deciphering our True Strengths will help us (and our teams) flourish. 

Amanda Anderton shares creative exercises to help you discover what your life would look like with greater meaning and how to achieve a more purposeful life by using your Superpowers.

If that doesn't get your cape flapping, she drops in some secrets for how to brighten your day with a few nuggets of joy!

Speaker: Amanda Anderton, Co-Founder, Hope + Anchor

Amanda Anderton is an award-winning qualitative researcher, Co-Founder of Hope + Anchor and a certified coach.
She has spent 20 years working with some of the world’s most exciting brands and agencies.
In her Creative Coaching practice, she is a huge fan of Positive Psychology techniques for enabling people to find a more fulfilling and productive work-life blend.
Originally from the Yorkshire Dales, she now lives in London with her husband, two daughters and their big bossy cat.

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