When Virgin Media O2 rolled out new consumer segmentation, it had a clear set of consumer needs that were recurring themes. But how could it explore these more deeply, and quantify them against commercial outcomes? 

In this practical webinar, Claire Rainey and Katharina Wittgens share how they went on a comprehensive journey to unravel the complex tapestry of consumer needs using AI and machine learning. 

Their ‘Consumer Evolution’ project allowed them to venture beyond traditional market research into the psychological underpinnings of consumer behaviour. 

The team used a dual-phased approach. First, they conducted behavioural qualitative interviews to delve into the heart of consumer values. Transitioning to the quantitative stage, they leveraged advanced machine learning techniques culminating in AI-driven analysis.  

The result is a ground-breaking strategic roadmap, anchored by the revelation that service satisfaction holds greater sway over customer decisions (such as loyalty, purchase or retention) than the perceived importance of needs. 

The project has shown the way to reduced churn and enhanced sales strategies. It’s also pioneered the integration of psychological profiling in market segmentation.? 

What you’ll learn: 

  • How AI and machine learning can be applied to supercharge a segmentation 
  • An introduction to using deep qual to decode human behaviour then combining with machine learning – a sophisticated mixed technique approach in a single programme 
  • How to land AI-led insights in a large commercially driven corporate organisation 
  • How to derive business outcome predictors from machine learning 

Claire Rainey is Head of Insight at Virgin Media O2. Her current areas of influence range from forward strategic planning to tactical insights for hardware launches in more agile ways of working. Claire puts a great deal of focus on embedding universal insights within a large corporate organisation and has also worked for Sky and Royal Mail Group. 

Katharina Wittgens is a business psychologist and Managing Director at IB. Together with the IB team, she advises businesses on how to integrate psychology, behavioural science and strategy into business activities to create more commercial impact. Katharina has advised global brands including HSBC, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Media O2, and Ted Baker. 

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