Learn how to identify the key messages within the data

Storytelling is one of the hottest topics in market research – but how do we find the story? Great graphics and wonderful communication are only useful if the underlying story is the right one.

This course focuses on what comes before the storytelling: that is, how to take information (for example market research data) and reliably find the key messages. Some people are blessed with the ability to intuitively find the story, but it’s hard to teach others the same intuition. This course doesn’t rely on creative or intuitive jumps – it uses a combination of taught material to outline approaches and case studies alongside practical ‘hands on’ learning that can be applied in team situations.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the role of frameworks in finding the message in information
  • Identify the sort of problem that is being addressed and the type of answer that is needed
  • Techniques for manipulating data sets to reveal the story
  • How to craft the story from the information

Who will benefit
Those who need to work with information (quantitative and/or qualitative) to find answers and insight. This is likely to include market researchers and insight managers, but also brand managers and senior executives. While the focus of the material used will be drawn from market research, the techniques are equally applicable to anyone using evidence-based decision making, for example people involved in R&D, HR and even finance.


“How to transition effectively from the detail to the right bigger picture to influence and shape business decision-making.”

Marisa O'Connor, Barclay's

31 October 2016

“Loved it! Very interesting - day flew by.”

Steven Chamberlain, Sky

31 October 2016

“A toolkit for communicating research.”

Xanthe Couture, Citizen Advice

31 October 2016

“Educational! I learnt a lot of useful things that I can take back to my job.”

Abisla Qui, Rightmove

08 June 2016

“Overview of issues in questionnaire design with advice on solutions.”

Pete Schofield, O2

08 June 2016

“Great presenter, useful frameworks and good networking opportunity.”

Pettra Klawitter, Multiply

08 June 2016

“Very interesting, useful, providing actionable advice & analysis methods.”

Sonia Maqsood, Barclay's Insight Team

08 June 2016

“Very helpful for my career development.”

Danielle Collins, MindMover

08 June 2016

“Interesting, entertaining and worthwhile.”

Katie Jackson, AECOM limited

08 June 2016


The Old Trading House, 15 Northburgh Street,London,EC1V 0JR

Ray is the author of The Handbook of Mobile Market Research, The Handbook of Online
and Social Media Research and the #IPASOCIALWORKS Guide to Measuring Not
Counting, the founder of NewMR.org, editor of the ESOMAR book Answers to
Contemporary Market Research Questions, a content author for the University of
Georgia’s Principles of Market Research course and is the Managing Director of
The Future Place, a UK-based consultancy, specialising in training.Ray
has spent the last 35 years at the intersection of innovation, technology, and
market research, during which time Ray has held director level positions with
Vision Critical, Virtual Surveys, The Research Business, Millward Brown,
Sandpiper and IntelliQuest.

Ray sees his mission as “Have fun, help people, pursue knowledge, and try to make some money along the way”

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