is the Market Research Society’s answer to information and data security compliance with ISO 27001: 2022 Information security, cybersecurity and privacy protection management systems requirements.

MRS members enjoy a 5% discount on this package, which is tailored to meet the needs of the market research industry including integration with the ISO 20252: 2019 Market, opinion and social research standard whilst complying with ISO 27001.

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The Securely Done Toolkit is designed to walk market research organisations through a 10-step process in achieving compliance with ISO 27001. This standard integrates information and cyber security plus privacy protection into one package.

As part of the industry’s ongoing commitment to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of data, drives the mitigation of CIA risk via a market research-tailored solution.

Product Features

  • ISMS Framework Manual in template form – ISO 27001 + ISO 20252 data security cross-references.
  • A complete set of Policies and Procedures required for ISO 27001 + Guidance notes and explanation.
  • ISO 27002: Four Tables of ISO 27002 Controls grouped by Organisational, People, Physical and Technological each with a control explanation, sample document plus training and guidance information.
  • Risk Management Process, including Risk Treatment Plan and Statement of Applicability Templates.
  • Templates for Internal Audits and Management Review.
  • Securely Dashboard with News Items and links to worldwide Data Governance information – continually updated.
  • Training and Awareness Guides – 20 + 5 min packages

About Us

Securely Done has been developed by people who like simplicity, understand ISO standards and are experienced software developers. Additionally, a member of the team was on the ISO panel to develop the ISO 20252 Market research standard.

It's an interesting combination but it works, especially for ISO 27001 and market research.

We’ve been involved in the development of ISO Standards, as well as implementing them many times. Our experience shows that if we don’t use a simple approach, it just doesn’t work.

Securely Done has come about from our desire to branch out from straight consulting and software development. We want to share our methodologies and help others with probably the toughest, but arguably the most critical standard, ISO 27001.

Subscribe to our unlimited and continually updated suite of online ISO 27001 documented systems, guidance, templates, tips and ideas.

Subscriptions are 24 months and downloading of documents is unlimited. Take your time and share our years of knowledge and drive for simplicity.

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