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Do you understand how your behaviour can influence other people? A good understanding of working relationships can give you the power to persuade, motivate and delegate more effectively and get the best out of the people around you.

This course helps the learner understand the complexities of managing relationships and gives advice on how to enhance the way they interact with their colleagues.

Managing Relationships enables learners to:

  • Understand how influence and persuasion can help you to get what you want from your working relationships
  • Generate enthusiasm and buy-in for your ideas and projects
  • Achieve your objectives through delegation
  • Understand why some relationships are difficult and how to improve them
  • Get the most out of your colleagues, even those over whom you have no direct control
Target audience

This course is designed to appeal to people in all functions at all levels.

Those who are less experienced may not have considered these topics before and will find significant improvements in the way they operate and in their overall effectiveness.

More experienced or senior people will value the opportunity to spend time on these critical issues discreetly.

Learning outcomes

Motivation and persuasion

  • Why do I need to be persuasive?
  • How can I generate enthusiasm?
  • How do I motivate people?
  • How do I deal with periods of change?

Delegation and responsibility

  • How should I delegate?
  • How do I get the results I want?
  • What other issues are there?

Difficult relationships

  • Why are some relationships difficult?
  • How do I avoid making it worse?
  • How can I improve difficult relationships?
  • How should I deal with problems?
  • What legalities should I be aware of?

Choosing people to work with

  • How do I find the right person?
  • Who should I meet?
  • How should I handle a meeting?

Flexible learning

Learners take their own route through the topics covered in the course. They will learn at their own pace through a variety of activities designed to accommodate a range of learning styles.


3 hours

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