Microlaunch Online®

Microlaunch Online is a brand new digital training game for market research and is available as part of Foundation Course in Market Research

Designed for those starting out in the industry, this interactive training game challenges a user's ability to apply market research essentials.

Participants create a research program to build the elements of the marketing mix and then launch a new virtual brand. On completion users receive model answers and a benchmarked personal score.

The simulation offers a great way to embed knowledge gained from Foundation Course in Market Research and test this in a business scenario. It also gives users and their superiors a measure of current competence.

What does it test?

Microlaunch Online® assesses a participant’s ability to:

  • Design research stages
  • Apply qualitative & quantitative research methods
  • Use insights from research findings
  • Control a budget.

How does it work?

Guided by an avatar, participants develop and launch a virtual brand, utilising six research stages. Users must design each stage and place it in the correct sequence, while keeping to an allocated budget.

The game opens with the project background and an optional study section revising key research principles.

The real simulation begins with the stage one brief. Participants use drop-down lists to design a research method and select an objective, method, sample/cost and stimulus. Users get two attempts to submit the correct research design. If successful then data collection occurs and they receive a findings report. Participants then use these report insights to inform the stage two brief, and so on. Correct designs are rewarded with a bonus while errors are penalised from the budget.

After six stages the virtual launch is complete. A final ‘Learn’ section provides model answers and key lessons before users receive their scores and certificate.

Foundation Course in Market Research

Microlaunch Online® is only available through this invaluable online course, providing a comprehensive grounding in the basic principles and practices of effective market and social research.

The course is knowledge-based and covers the role of market and social research in society and business, as well as introducing the stages involved in designing and planning effective research.

Successful completion of the course provides the perfect entry route to an MRS qualification - the MRS Certificate in Market and Social Research.

More information on Foundation Course in Market Research.

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