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The Global Research Business Network was founded in 2011 following a meeting between representatives of APRC,  ARIA and EFAMRO. Today,  the network connects 37 research associations and over 3500 high quality,  accredited and regulated research businesses on five continents.

Follow the links to research associations to find accredited suppliers around the world.


Global Research Business Network


efamro, the European Research Federation

Bulgaria - List of BAMOR members

Finland - List of SMTL members

Germany - List of ADM members

Ireland - List of AIMRO members

Italy - List of ASSIRM members

Lithuania - List of LRSTA members

Netherlands - the Dutch Research Directory

Norway - Contact Virke

Poland - List of OFBOR members

Portugal - List of APODEMO members

Russia - List of OIROM Members

Spain - List of ANEIMO members

Sweden - List of SMIF members

Switzerland - vsms-asms swiss interview institute®

United Kingdom - the Research Buyer's Guide



ARIA, the Americas Research Industry Alliance

Argentina - Contact CEIM

Brazil - ABEP Directory of Affiliated Companies

Canada - MRIA Corporate Membership Directory

Chile - List of AIM members

Columbia - Contact ACEI

Mexico - List of AMAI members

Peru - List of APEIM members

United States - CASRO Member Directory

Uruguay - Contact CEISMU

Venezuela - Contact AVAI

AVAI website


APRC, the Asia Pacific Research Committee

Profiles of member associations

Australia - AMSRS Directory

China - Contact CMRA

CMRA website (in Chinese)

Chinese Taipei - Contact CMRS

Indonesia - Contact PERPI

Japan - List of JMRA Members (in Japanese) - Contact JMRA

Korea - List of KORA members

Malaysia - Contact MRSM

Mongolia - List of MMRA Members

MRSM website

New Zealand - MRSNZ Directory

AMRO Member Companies

Singapore - MRS Singapore Directory

Thailand - TMRS Directory of Marketing Research Companies


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