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Market intelligence and market research solutions for UK and international markets:

  • Intelligence: market attractiveness, sizing and entry support
  • Research: concept testing, branding, satisfaction, use & attitudes, B2B and B2C audiences

Based in UK and Peru to support projects across all of LATAM.

MRS Company Partner and ESOMAR member.

Catering/Hospitality, Charities/Voluntary, Environmental, Industrial, Information Technology, Internet/New Media, Online, Telecommunications, Transportation, Travel/Tourism
CATI, Consultancy, Depth Interviews, Desk Research, Executive/Industrial Interviews, Market reviews and analysis, Mobile Web Surveys, Omnibus Surveys, Online Surveys, Quantitative, Questionnaire Design, Report Writing, Street/Mall Interviews
Advertising, Brand/Branding, Business-to-Business, Communications/PR, Competitive Intelligence, Concept Testing, Consumer, Customer Loyalty, Customer Satisfaction, Employee Research, International, Usage & Attitude
Affluent, College/University Students, Digital Consumers, Ethnic Minorities, Hispanic Markets, Mature/Midlife, Mothers/Parents, Senior Citizens, Single Parents, Unemployed
Central America, Central Europe, Northern/Western Europe, Republic of Ireland, South America, UK, Worldwide
Senior Contacts

Kevin Simmonds (Director)

Breakdown of Personnel

Total Number of Employees: 1 to 5


14 Park Row
Tel: +44 (0)115 7270321
Establishment date: 2014

International Address

Advantage Market Intelligence S.R.L
Schreiber Business Center Germán Schreiber 276.
San Isidro.
Tel: +511 480 0572

Desk Research - a Vital Part of an Effective Market Research Strategy

In this article, we take a look at desk research (a.k.a. secondary research) and why it can be a valuable part of an effective market research strategy. We also give practical pointers to help you get the most from this approach.

As a quick recap, there are two types of market research:

  • Primary research: the gathering of fresh data, through unique research projects.

  • Secondary research is the analysis of information from a wide range of existing sources such as published reports, company information etc.

Primary research can be costly and time consuming and whilst it does have an important role to play, may not always be necessary. Often information is already available that can provide key insights and help determine where primary research should be focused for greatest impact.

The analysis of existing information through secondary research has a number of benefits:

  • It provides fast, credible background insights

  • Far less expensive to implement than primary research

  • Adds context and depth to primary research findings

  • Increases the focus and ROI of primary research

Useful information sources

The information available to researchers is located across a whole range of resources and includes both free and paid subscription sources. Depending on your industry or purpose, sources can include:

  • Government statistics and published reports

  • Industry commentary by the leading consultancy firms

  • Published company information such as annual reports, accounts and SEC filings

  • Research and reports by professional and industry bodies

  • Public and paid for market research reports, databases and industry statistics

  • Articles, opinion pieces and blogs

  • Public presentations

  • The British Library and similar places give access to hard-to-find information and sources that would otherwise require a paid subscription to access.

  • General internet search

Finding information is only part of the challenge. A disciplined approach is needed to evaluate and prioritise information sources before they are used, in particular:

  • Date of publication: This is particularly relevant in fast moving markets where up to date information is critical.

  • Source: The credibility of the author is a key factor in assessing potential sources. In general, published reports have more authority than opinion pieces.

  • Consistency: Where possible, multiple information sources should be used to see if similar findings emerge. There have been many cases where the ‘lone voice’ has been proved to be the correct one, but generally this should be viewed with a degree of caution or an aspect to investigate further.

A four step desk research process to collect, analyse and transform information into valuable insight.


Whilst desk research is a very useful tool, it does have its limitations, in particular:

  • Desk research is limited to what is available and may therefore, only provide partial answers, either in terms of the precision or the timeliness of information.

  • Information availability and quality can vary considerably by industry and geography.

  • Information can be hard to find and often require a lot of effort before a ‘gold nugget’ is found.

  • Public information, so we need to be aware of any potential bias.

In many cases, a hybrid approach works extremely well, pairing desk research with a small number of interviews with industry experts. This is a cost-effective solution to capitalise on the benefits of desk research as well as delivering specific insights.


 Our experienced team of desk researchers have a proven track record of delivering high quality, actionable information for UK and international markets.

For more information about our full range of research services please visit our website. Alternatively, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Source: Advantage Market Intelligence Ltd

Advantage Market Intelligence Ltd. was commissioned to analyse a complex, niche market within the healthcare sector. The final output delivered the required depth of insight, clearly aligned with our commercial requirements. At all times, the level of support, professionalism and commitment to the project was first class. Advantage was an extension of our own team. We were very pleased and will certainly use their services again.   Softox Solutions


Advantage produced an excellent market assessment piece for us. The work was extremely thorough and was presented clearly and in a very user-friendly format. Kevin was a pleasure to work with, always responding quickly to requests and definitely going the ‘extra mile’ to ensure we were happy with the output. We had the utmost confidence in the advice and recommendations made to us and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kevin to anyone looking for an experienced desk researcher.  Met Office


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