We’re launching a new type of event at the MRS on 19 November - the IJMR Evening Meeting. 

This follows on from the success within last year’s IJMR Research Methods Forum of two sessions based on papers that had recently been published in the journal. 

The first such event will feature Daniel Nunan (Henley Business School), presenting two papers on ethics and research by Dan that we are publishing this year. The evening is free for MRS members and company partner employees.

The first paper, published in Vol. 55/4 (July), discussed the issues facing market researchers when working with ‘big data’. 

The second paper, to be published in the special issue on social media and market research in late November (55/6), discusses the ethical issues facing researchers in these channels.

This is a very hot topic in fields of research where the ethical boundaries are not clearly defined, and it can be difficult to either gain informed consent, or even describe to consumers exactly what they might be consenting to. 

Some argue consent is not necessary. We are on the cusp of learning exactly what the new privacy legislation in Europe might look like. 

In addition, the MRS Code has been updated by the Market Research Standards Board and members are currently being consulted on the revisions. Also, the MRS launched the Fair Data initiative earlier this year. 

So now is an excellent time to debate privacy issues in research.

Dan was also the joint winner of the MRS Innovation in Research award in 2012, so we felt he’s an ideal choice to launch this new event.

I’ll be chairing the evening, which starts at 6.30 pm, so come along to hear some controversial thinking on ethical issues, and have your say in the discussion following Dan’s presentation.

I look forward to seeing you on the 19th.

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The evening is free for MRS members and company partner employees.

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