MRS Data Analytics Council and The Social Intelligence Lab are hosting a joint event demonstrating how the analysis of social data play a vital role in providing insights into consumer behaviour and market trends.

Please note this is an in-house event at MRS HQ

New for this year, the newly formed MRS Data Analytics Council are teaming up with the Social Intelligence Lab to discuss how social data can play a huge role in market research. Demonstrating how the collection and analysis of the vast amounts of data can produce valuable insights that go on to inform business decisions and strategy. 

This event will be chaired by Dr Jillian Ney, Digital Anthropologist and Founder of the Social Intelligence Lab. We will have 2 presentations, followed by a panel session. 

Sipping & Symbols: Using Semiotics & Social Data to Decode Evolving Global Aperitif Moments

First up, we will hear how Moët Hennessy sought to understand the shifting cultural narratives and category codes of the Apéritif Moment across FR, DE, IT, UK & US, in order to identify opportunities for innovation, as well as strategic territories for its existing portfolio. Having conducted a full business analysis and qualitative interviews, MH approached Sign Salad – the cultural consultancy specialising in foresight, semiotics and language analysis – to collaborate on this project.

Maria Victoria O'Hana, Project Director at Sign Salad and Adrien Gobeli, Strategic Insights Lead at Moët Hennessy will demonstrate how they combined desk-based research with AI Social Listening (utilising Pulsar) and AI Language Analysis (utilising Relative Insight) to gather cultural materials and social data across markets. Maria Victoria will explain how the analysis and strong supporting story telling led to the creation of new activations across markets and the development of an NPD variant for one of MH’s Maisons.

Augmented Research for Augmented Reality: Using Social Media and AI to Enhance Traditional Techniques to Understand the Potential for AR Glasses

Luxottica (owners of Oakley, RayBan, Sunglass Hut) asked Strive Insight to help them understand the potential for AR glasses. They wanted to harness the depth and breadth of social data as a complement to consumer quantitative and expert qualitative approaches to develop the proposition and validate the potential.

Patrick Collins, Client Director and Giuseppe Tonolini, Director at Strive Insight will detail their journey to identify the right sources and select the right proxies, and how they went on to analyse tens of thousands of consumer social media posts, and how this extensive project eventually led to inspire the initial product development.

Our guests will then be joined by Owen Hanks, CEO & Co- Founder at Measure Protocol and Mariko Suzuki, Senior Insight Analyst at Convosphere to take the conversation further, defining what social listening means to each of us, the sources and processes involved, how the collection aligns with other research methods, the language and cultural differences to be aware of, the role that generative AI can play and of course, the ethical considerations that underpin it all. 


The Old Trading House, 15 Northburgh Street,London,EC1V 0JR

Dr Jillian Ney is a digital anthropologist, entrepreneur, author, and keynote speaker who specialises in the analysis of internet culture. She’s also known as the UK’s first “Dr. of Social Media.” Jillian has spent her career examining how technology is changing people’s behaviour online and offline, and creating methodologies to help businesses uncover the hidden triggers driving human behaviour at scale.
Jillian is also the founder of a global community for professional social and internet data analysts - The Social Intelligence Lab - that is working to advance the value of internet data as a source of insight. This community has grown rapidly since it launch, bringing together professionals from over 40 countries to learn, network, and share new ideas. As part of this she has worked with some of the world’s biggest companies, including Mondelez International, The HENIKEN Company, Warner Brothers, The Coca-Cola Company, and Puig.
Jillian’s first co-authored book, Advanced Marketing Management (Kogan Page) is an update to traditional marketing paradigm through data and neuromarketing. She is a sought-out speaker and commentator on internet culture and social listening and has presented her work at SXSW, PR Week, Festival or Marketing, Social Media Week, IIEX, and NATO. Jillian’s a two time TEDx’er and has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Glamour Magazine, and Cosmopolitan.
Specialising in Semiotics and Cultural Foresight at Sign Salad, Maria Victoria directs global projects across a wide range of categories – identifying emerging cultural trends to help make brands more relevant and meaningful. Using a combination of semiotic & language analysis, social listening tools, desk-based research and fieldwork, Maria Victoria advises clients on strategic, creative and innovation workstreams.
Adrien Gobeli is Strategic Insights Lead at Moët Hennessy
In the last 10 years, Pat has worked in various consultancies and research agencies spanning multiple disciplines and industries.
Whilst a quant and qual researcher, Pat has a particular interest in blending primary data with online data sources to strengthen the impact research can have for clients. This includes leveraging observational techniques (e.g., netnography) and methods that involve creating and analysing open-source datasets — a task made increasingly feasible thanks to the advent of Generative AI. And Pat is part of the team at Strive tasked with developing new AI tools to better harness social media data alongside other online sources.    
Giuseppe Tonolini spent the first part of his professional career in marketing, covering brand management in companies such as Eastman Kodak and Carlsberg. Moved to market research in 1993, he  was research manager for Whirlpool Europe.
In 1996 Giuseppe founded The Marketing Lab, a research agency based in Milan. In 2015, he co-founded Strive Insight, an insight agency based in London.  Strive seeks to help clients make their insight work harder, through identifying inspirational opportunities and helping to activate them within the business.
Giuseppe has the ability to integrate a mix of insight approaches, combining different methodologies and trying to overcome the traditional divisions inside the marketing research industry.
Owen Hanks, CEO and co-founder of Measure Protocol, has spent the past 25 years leading high-growth technology businesses and building global teams. Getting his start in the media and advertising industry, he worked for large corporations like BBC, Sky and News Corp. before discovering the exciting world of start-ups. In 2009 he founded Appealing Media, the first mobile application advertising network in the U.K. Appealing Media was acquired by YuMe in 2011 prior to an IPO in 2013. 
His background made him hyper-aware of the growing demand for brands to access accurate consumer data. He saw the opportunity to solve ongoing challenges in the consumer data industry and co-founded Measure Protocol to benefit both brands and consumers. Measure’s award-winning technology provides an ethical and transparent data marketplace, which values consumer privacy, compensates individuals fairly - all while providing brands with the most accurate data. This approach encourages a broader group of consumers to share data, positively impacting client decision-making.

Owen regularly shares his knowledge by writing for industry publications in the market research, marketing, martech and data analytics spaces, as well as speaking at conferences around the world. When he’s not working, you’ll find him training for his next Ironman Triathlon and spending time with his wife and twin daughters.  

Senior Insight Analyst
Born and raised in Japan, Mariko heads Convosphere’s Japan division. Having lived in the US and Japan in a professional capacity for many years, Mariko is fluent in the languages, cultures and technologies of the two countries. Prior to Convosphere, Mariko worked for internet companies in Silicon Valley, focusing on user insights and education.

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