In an era of AI, it’s more important than ever not to lose sight of human skills. People communicate and connect through stories, not data. And communicating data is as important as all the other parts of the research and insight process. 

Giovanna Fischer explains how it’s crucial that researchers can tell great stories through data, and why she believes more researchers should be using data storytelling.  

Data storytelling is more than exploratory analysis or data visualisation. It’s an integrated approach that begins by addressing the core of the problem, finding the real business issue and putting the resolution in motion based on a clear methodology. 

In September’s webinar, Giovanna shares how her ‘Data Storytelling Journey’ has been extensively tested over 20 years as a consultant working for large companies, and now as part of her own business. 

What you’ll learn: 

  • Why it can be hard to communicate data 
  • The importance of communicating data findings with intention, instead of just projecting slides of deliverables 
  • A clear data storytelling path through methodology, approach and deep understanding of the framework 
  • How data storytelling allows creativity to flourish and is highly adaptable to different profiles and consumer needs 

Giovanna Fischer is an economist specialising in market intelligence, with over 20 years’ experience in data, insights, training, and marketing. As founder of Escola de Insights (School of Insights) in Brazil, she helps companies create persuasive narratives through data. Giovanna has worked for major players including Kantar, Nielsen and Stone. She’s currently working on an MSc thesis on Communication and Consumption Practices at Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM) in São Paulo, Brazil. 

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