AI and machine learning has the potential to transform market research in ways we are still seeking to understand.

The Culturise Collaboration’s recent work demonstrates how new tech-based approaches can extract and quantify emotional content from unstructured data.

What you’ll learn:

  • New and award-winning approaches, with case studies showing how to deal with qualitative research, at scale, and in ways that create new forms of data
  • How commercial applications can be used – sometimes in real time – and the actions that result
  • Where the notion of implicit embedded emotion might take us (albeit still at an early stage in terms of AI-based analysis)
  • What the role of ‘normal’ qualitative research is


The Culturise Collaboration has spent the past year working on a series of projects that show how new tech-based approaches can extract and quantify emotional content from unstructured data.

Andy Dexter shares his insights, for instance looking at ongoing data collected in the retail banking sector, by MESH Experience, to examine metrics around cultural affinity as part of the ongoing Happiness Project.

· MESH collects thousands of open ended comments and pictures every month – a very rich dataset. How can these tools can be applied to commercial case studies?

· MESH’s methodology is continuous and real-time, revealing how language, topics of conversation and emotions change and evolve over time

Andy Dexter’s examples show how the language people use (both words and visual) can be correlated with structured data, such as positivity of experience, to create composite metrics that have until now been inaccessible.


The Old Trading House, 15 Northburgh Street,London,EC1V 0JR

is well known as a practitioner, ideas person, serial entrepreneur, CEO and senior advisor in the world of marketing, insight and strategy. His previous ventures include Truth Consulting and Illuminas. He is founder of the Culturise Collaboration, part think tank and part virtual agency, with a mission to create meaning for the common good. Andy also consults for early stage businesses and SMEs – all the way up to established Blue Chip companies looking to innovate, develop and grow. He is a Fellow of MRS, and has won too many awards to mention.



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