We live in a data rich world where technology is enabling ever more sophisticated research techniques and machines are getting closer to mimicking human thinking.

Against this, what is the right balance of human-based and tech-enabled approaches to answer today’s business questions? When it comes to developing stories, ideas and brand communications, when does technology help or hinder?

What you’ll learn:

  • How to improve the agility and efficiency of your consumer research programme
  • How to use business objectives to guide research and drive the right technique to address each objective

The role of:

  • Big vs. small (qual) data
  • Going in-depth vs. scanning for trends
  • Engaging with humans vs. engaging with technology


Technology is becoming ever more embedded and ‘natural’ in consumers’ lives so it’s important for research techniques to reflect this change. Organisations frequently spend a lot on expensive data but, without the counterbalance of deep qualitative insight, cannot turn it into action.

In this Speaker Evening, Untapped Innovation explores how to get the right balance of human-based and tech-enabled approaches to answer business problems in an agile way, looking at:

  • What question are you trying to answer?
  • What is the most efficient and natural way to get closer to consumer behaviour, culture, desires and motivations to answer this question?
  • Do you need evidence of what consumers do or think, or an instinctive understanding of what they feel?

Untapped Innovation examines the role of mobile diaries, video diaries and online communities, and contrasts this with ethnographic research conducted with consumers in their environment. It considers how to co-create and evaluate prototypes, as well as assessing market products / services using humans as a proxy before fully investing in the technology. When it comes to developing early ideas, stories and brand communications, when does technology help or hinder?


The Old Trading House, 15 Northburgh Street,London,EC1V 0JR

is one of four founding partners at Untapped Innovation.
Happiest when considering how to answer tough business and research questions, Sally relentlessly digs deep into consumer insight and connects this with trend and product insights to deliver product design and communication. A graduate in Chemistry with German, prior to her five years at Untapped Sally spent 17 years at Procter & Gamble in the R&D and Insight functions working in the UK, Germany, Japan and Dubai.

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