Overview: Are good, open and honest conversations a feature of life in your organisation? Does it really matter? Conscious Conversations provides an interactive session to demonstrate how good conversations build trust and are at the heart of successful employee collaboration, performance and engagement.

What you’ll learn:

What happens during a one-to-one conversation and influences the behaviour of each of the participants

Plus practical techniques for:

  • Making your interactions with people more considered and empathetic
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Dealing with difficult conversations
  • Increasing your confidence for taking the initiative and getting the best out of any conversation


It’s not just millennials who expect regular feedback in the workplace. As organisations are realising, much of today’s workforce see on-going performance management as important to feel fulfilled in their roles. Retrospective annual ‘tick-box’ appraisals are being ditched in favour of a conversational approach that ideally continues throughout the year.

This poses a new challenge, however, with managers often lacking the confidence and skills to give honest feedback or to deal effectively with difficult conversations. When problems arise, they are often the result of the wrong conversation, or indeed no conversation at all.

At this Speaker Evening, Conscious Conversations provides a practical session introducing techniques, backed up by robust theory, that demonstrate how to give and receive feedback, as well as how to manage challenging situations positively and with confidence.

All of these techniques apply whether the conversation is with your peers, your manager, the people you manage, your friends or even your partner!

Conscious Conversations uses its combined expertise to make people conscious of the way they communicate with each other. It guides and encourages people to become aware of weaknesses, develop new skills and begin to apply these in conversations, with the ultimate aim that it becomes so natural they do it unconsciously.


The Old Trading House, 15 Northburgh Street,London,EC1V 0JR

Worked at Research International (part of the WPP group) for over 25 years in market research, international marketing and internal communications roles. She now advises organisations on how to communicate effectively with their employees, particularly during times of change, and is a Co-founder of Conscious Conversations.
Catherine has worked with global organisations for over 25 years in human resource and change management roles. She was HR Strategy Director for Primark, Global HR Director at TNS and, prior to that, held senior HR and consulting roles in a variety of organisations including KPMG and NatWest Bank. Catherine now runs HR consultancy Inisfree Consulting Ltd, is an Executive Coach and is Co-founder of Conscious Conversations.



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