Become a certified advanced practitioner of qualitative research

This course is now delivered online as a series of live sessions which fully meet the learning objectives of face-to-face training.

At the heart of qualitative research is the endeavour to understand motivation – why do people do things?

People do things for reasons that may not always be obvious to others – or even to themselves. This course expands your capacity to design and lead qualitative enquiries that increase your access to insight and creativity, leading to powerful results. The steps to uncovering people’s motivations are taken inside the safe territory of an empathetic inquiry, where participants join together to discover ‘what lies beneath’. To do this, we explore the interplay of the outer and inner worlds in reaching decisions and making choices.

The course comprises five one-day modules, through which you will:

  • Explore, alongside fellow practitioners and insight workers, the key distinctions of advanced practice in qualitative research
  • Get personal coaching – and coach others in what you have learnt from your own experience
  • Work with the industry’s leading practitioners, known for their innovative contributions to qualitative methodology
  • Experience the benefit of a programme tested with practitioners, for practitioners
  • Gain a certified qualification as an advanced practitioner of qualitative research

Only six participants take part in each programme, so you will both expand your own capabilities and take on board the expertise of your fellow practitioners. The course works best with a small, diverse group of people with different interests and experiences.  

Each module is accompanied by a detailed handout describing the theories, techniques and procedures covered. Attendance is required on all five modules – please ensure you can attend all of these.

Learning outcomes
  • Use and explain key psychological techniques and theories in your practice of insight work
  • Understand your strengths and move beyond your learning edges in facilitation
  • Increase your access to insight by learning and applying new paths to insight
  • Use breakthrough techniques in areas where clients have got stuck in their search for insight
  • Use and invent action techniques that both deepen and enliven qualitative processes
  • Articulate your own model, so that your practical work is grounded in a well-integrated theory
  • Design, deliver, analyse and complete qualitative assignments that attain a new level of insight
  • Explain sophisticated insight methods to clients or senior managers
Who will benefit

 Practitioners of qualitative research with at least two years’ experience; and commissioners, buyers and users of qualitative research who have two years’ experience of using qualitative techniques.

Please note: we require six delegates in order for the course to run.  The cut-off date for meeting the required number is 01 September – if we have not met this number, the training will be postponed and alternative dates will be confirmed.

“I have absolutely loved every minute of the course. Thank you for making me feel so welcome. You have helped me both professionally and personally.”

Sarah Bater, DVLA

“I can't describe how much I've enjoyed the course. I'm glad to have met you both and hope we can keep in touch! Thank you so much for your wise words, my brain is buzzing with ideas!”

Tom Anderson, Populus

“Roy and Nicky take you on a qualitative journey you will have never been on before. Delving into the depths of psychological theory and applying it to real world situations, brings to life very vividly the amazing remits qualitative practices can bring.”

Louise Rowlands,

“I, like many others in my group, left having re-evaluated not only my working practice as a qualitative researcher but also developed a much deeper understanding of myself.”

Fatima Qureshi, Goldsmith's College

“The course is held over 5 separate days and really looks at what motivates us as individuals. After the first day I couldn't wait for the next. Roy & Nicky have such a vast knowledge and wide range of experience that add an extra dimension to the quality of this training.”

Bethan Jones, DVLA

“This is not a standard course where you stare at a whiteboard or PowerPoint presentation all day; it is thought provoking and dare i say mind-blowing. The cost of this course pales in comparison to the amount you get out of it. Do not hesitate to book onto this course, believe me when I say its worth it!”

Melanie Rankin, B2B International 

Roy Langmaid, FMRS is one of the leading practitioners, teachers and innovators in qualitative research. Having practiced both in agencies and as an independent, he knows first hand the issues that face practitioners and how to deal with them. He also has long experience in supporting clients and colleagues in adopting new ideas.

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