Approaches using cluster analysis and more advanced options.

This course aims to take the quant researcher on a journey from running simple cluster analyses through to the wider possibilities that are available when looking to segment people, brands, or services. The course focuses on segmentation approaches that utilise cluster analysis, but also covers more advanced options such as latent class and non-clustering techniques, such as archetypes.

Learning outcomes 

Topics covered during the day include:

  • Overview of segmentation, the link between cluster analysis and segmentation, introduction to non-cluster analysis options for segmentation
  • Going beyond the defaults of clustering software. This topic will focus on SPSS’s clustering and review what the defaults are, what they do, and how the researcher can employ alternatives and why they might want to.
  • Designing and implementing a segmentation/clustering project from proposal through to debrief, for example considering the sample size required, the nature of the questions, the choice of data, pre-processing, analysis, and reporting.
  • Hierarchical clustering analysis, why you might want to use it, domains where it is more common, tips and warnings.
  • Latent class techniques, what do they add, what are the challenges, both for simple clustering and for more advanced uses such as combining choice analysis and clustering.
  • Archetypes, a method of looking at aspirational models of where people want to be as opposed to the mean of where they currently are.
  • Tracking clusters over time and creating cluster definitions that can be used to recruit people to for further research, mapping databases to cluster definitions.

Who will benefit?

This course is likely to be of most benefit to quant researchers who are called on to conduct segmentation studies and who want to be able to take expand the role and competence in the area, in particular researchers who want to be able to go beyond running the software just using the defaults.

“Informative and comprehensive introduction to the topic.”

Michael Marshall, Network Homes

“A good affirmation of how I run my segmentation.”

Jeremy Massey, Consumer Insight
16 November 2016

“An introduction to the use of advanced segmentation in market research.”

Anna Kiel, The AudienceNet Ltd
16 November 2016

“Eye-opening & very useful business lesson.”

Sania Haq, The AudienceNet Ltd
16 November 2016

“An interesting insight into the stats world.”

Andrew Skone-James, IFF Research Ltd
23 March 2016

“A comprehensive introduction to segmentation.”

Crystal Ting, B2B International
23 March 2016


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